Monday, June 10, 2013

Musical Monday - Has Has by DJ Surinder Rattan ft. Joga Singh and Metz N Trix

Even though the video looks like it was filmed with a handycam and should not be watched by anyone prone to seizures (I'm not joking), the song has a decent beat to it. It's kind of catchy.

They threw in the proverbial dancing blondes to represent western women. They look completely out of place, don't really fit into the video at all and probably have no idea what the guy is singing during the Punjabi parts. Sometimes when I watch these videos I wonder if the video planners even realize that you don't have to be blonde to be American. Eh, I'm over it.

The lyrics to this song are very repetitive. This makes it great for those learning Punjabi. You get ample chance to perfect your tone, pronunciation and grammar while having some fun singing.

Here is a 2012 Times of India article about this song.

And for your viewing pleasure, the video:


  1. Seeing as it's a UK Asian artist, I'd guess the blonde girls are pretty typical of the British club scene! They're very pretty. That's how/why they got cast. There are also a lot of Eastern European girls in Mumbai who dance in Bollywood movies and music videos, and some of the UK Asian artists come to India to shoot their videos, so the blondes might be part of that 'crowd' so to speak.

  2. Good point about the UK. However, I know they have brunettes there as well. I figure they wanted to portray the stereotypical westerner. It's only perpetuating a false stereotype and you know how some Indians think we're all blonde and have loose morals. Bleh. I'm going to avoid going down that spiraling vicious black hole right now though. :P

  3. I am still waiting to see a ginger backup dancer. :D