Friday, June 21, 2013

More Ways this White Girl Has Corrupted Her Indian Family

All the way back in December 2011, I noticed that Chachi had changed her behavior somewhat and tried to compete with me in the household. Since I've left the behavior has continued. I wish her all the best and I don't think anything bad has come of this but I still find it somewhat hilarious. So with that I bring you part 2 of How You Know You've Corrupted Your Indian Family.

Just a few days ago I found out Chachi now cooks all sorts of dishes at home including tandoori items without a tandoor, butter chicken (which takes 2 days to make when you do it right) and many more difficult dishes not typically cooked at home. It would seem I wore off on her some.

Before I moved into the house she only cooked a few things over and over again. All simple and typical Indian dishes typically cooked at home. There was no shortage of dal, fried veggies, pakoras and typical Punjabi fare around the house. Chachi wasn't a bad cook I don't think but I do feel like she never really thought much outside of the few dishes she had been trained to cook. I've also been told Uncle Ji is very picky about his food.

So when I found out I wasn't going back to India I gave Chachi all of my cookbooks. It was hard to part with my Lord Krishna's Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking book but I knew it was going to a good place and would get used. I was right.

Chachi had a new kitchen built not too long before I left and had already started experimenting with new ingredients. Some of the same I had used so many times before and then shared with them. I found it cute and fun in a good way. It was my small way of knowing that in some small way the family wanted me around and found me good for something lol. (Of course that's not the best description of how I felt but it's hard to explain. You have to feel it to understand I think.)

I needed a smile in my day and this brought it to me.

Cook on Chachi. Cook on.

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