Monday, May 27, 2013

Musical Monday - Neha Kakkar: Tere Yaad

Happy Memorial Day first of all! To those of you who have served America in the military, thank you. For those of you who are family to a service member, thank you too! I know first hand how hard your job is and the challenges you face in life as well.

Today's song is one that I'm really in love with right now. I find the sound of the music and the singers voice very relaxing and calming.

Tere Yaad means your memory. The song is an expression of emotions. I love the meaning and the feelings behind these lyrics.You can find the lyrics here. (A couple of times words are repeated on this page whereas not repeated in the song.) I haven't yet found a translation and Rohit is still sleeping lol. If anyone finds one, let me know and leave me the link in the comments. Or if you're willing to leave me a translation in the comments, I would be grateful!

And for your viewing pleasure - the official video.


  1. Lovely song. It basically talks about longing for one's beloved.

    I especially like the lines "a toota hua mera dil joor de yea rishte sarre toor de..... nehe rahna mere sang bol de, yea rishte sarree toor de" (either you fix my broken heart or break off all relations with me, tell that you don't want to be with me or break all relations with me". These days it is so difficult to find good poetry in Hindi songs. This song has absolutely no words of English which is quiet commendable.

  2. Thanks for the translation. I love the feeling I get from the music. It's now become one of my new favorites.

    I do notice a lot of English words in Indian music. I also hear them in conversation and it makes me smile a little. As much as the language is being perverted it reminds me of just how many words the English language adopted from other countries and in one small way it feels like the world is just a little bit closer to coming together as one.

  3. You seem to love music. Have you heard old bollywood songs of Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar. Those songs were like caviar and champange and today's songs are like hamburgers in comparision. Here is one of my favorites

    I guess the hyperlink is not working.

  4. Here are couple of my other favourites


  5. This is a bengali song. I find it amazing.

  6. <3 R.D. Burman... this song was remade in Hindi as "Yeh Kya Hua" with the same meaning.

  7. I do love music. Thanks for the links!