Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A New Chapter in Life

I kept it under wraps because my personal safety has been threatened. Not by anyone here or in this community but by someone from my past. It's times like this I'm grateful to love writing because I've cataloged everything and should this person make good on the threats to end my life, I have enough evidence stockpiled and recorded to ensure he never sees the light of day again. Regardless, it's been difficult to write anything here for a while because I can't share my life with you all the way I once did.

Hubby has now joined me in the US and is a full permanent resident. Since his arrival we've traveled to 6 different states, visited the White House, eaten more food than we should and attempted to readjust to each other. I'd be lying if I said it was all fun and happiness lol. Hubby is now facing all the things he didn't understand when I faced them in India.

Poor thing, I brought him from a bustling, dirty city to a tiny town. We managed to find 2 Indians (Gujrati's) in my city, neither of which live there. The third Gujrati's wife is pregnant and so we haven't met him yet. I know him better than the first two but he rarely has a free moment between running his business and caring for his wife.

It took hubby 6 weeks of being here before he saw his first turban lol. I will never forget the look on his face! We were in the grocery store check out line when an older Sikh man walked in and I think my husband had this bizarre smile on his face. Like he couldn't be sure if he was happy or not. There wasn't much chance of striking up a friendship with someone so much older and not only that but we were out of town. Lol.

I promise there are Indians living in my town. We just tend to travel at different times and visit different places I guess. The two Gujrati's we did meet don't know much about my city so we weren't able to get in with the crowd through them.

We also visited our local Hindu Temple and Sikh Gurudwara. I got pics for you all. It's quite nice inside the temple. (When I say local, I mean close by but not in my city.) Both places rest in the mountains which makes their background scenery picturesque. We don't get to go to the temple as often as we would like but it's nice to know of the events they have and that there are other Indians nearby. Here's some pics we took on our trip.

I almost forgot to tell you all that the day after hubby arrived we got over 4 inches of snow! Lol. He had never seen snow in his life and when he left Amritsar it was getting hot for the year already. What a cold treat hahaha. '

I don't have any pictures of the Gurudwara that hubby isn't in so he won't let me post those but I'll try to get some when we go back. It wasn't open for us to go inside. Hubby plans to visit there again because he's sure he can meet some Punjabi's there. Lol. (Seems oddly familiar to when I was desperately hunting gori's right?)

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