Monday, March 25, 2013

Musical Monday - Hai Hai by Punjabi Hit Squad feat. Ms. Scandalous

This was the very first Punjabi song I was ever exposed to. I was drawn to it because I could understand half of it. The other half was repetitive and seemed easy to learn. I found this song back when I was in the phase of learning to pronounce Indian words. I still listen to it fairly often. It's odd but now I can sing this song with an almost perfect British accent for those parts yet I can't muster up the same accent any other time lol.

I like Punjabi Hit Squad. They put out a lot of music that suits my style. Well, they attach their name to it lol. Anyway, you can find their Facebook page by clicking their name above. Their official site was down when I typed this up but it can be accessed from their Facebook page if you want to see it. 

Most of you who know a Punjabi or ever interact with one have certainly heard them use the phrase "hai hai" lol. So this one should be easy for you.

Download Hai Hai (Original Mix)

My favorite is not the original version (though it's just as good), nor the version posted on all the lyric sites. I have never successfully found lyrics for this. The English parts are always different on the lyric sites than what is in this song.

Here's the official video:

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