Monday, February 25, 2013

Musical Monday - Galan Goriyan by Stereo Nation w/ Translation

This is not a new song but it's one of my favorites. I tend to judge my music by how it makes me feel (don't most of us?) and this song always makes me feel happy. It's relaxing to me to listen to it and sing along. It's one of the first songs I turn on when I'm having a rough day.

Stereo Nation - Galan Goriyan

This is a playful song about love and how it makes a person feel. The singer talks about how deep his love is for this woman and she sings back to him. Did I mention I'm a huge duet fan? Okay, see for yourself. This is a translation of the lyrics:

Gulaan Gooriyan theh Gooriyan tho kar sajna = Let's talk about Love My beloved 
Vai Gulaan Gooriyan theh Gooriyan (twice) = Oh! Talks of Love
Na tho dil sada thurfaa sajna = Don't torment my heart like that my love
Sadeh dil noo juraa purchadeh = Lift the spirits of my heart a bit
Oh! Gulaan Gooriyan theh Gooriyan (twice) = Oh! Talks of Love

Verse 1 - Taz sings
Thereh mereh piyar da rishtha = The bond of love between me and you
Kubhi na eh tooteh = May it never break
Thereh tho meh jind, vaar-doon (twice) = I can sacrifice my life for you.

Piyar deh meh diyeh jugaavan = I light up the lamps of love
Dil thereh naa meh likaavan = And give my heart to you
Thereh tho meh jind, vaar-doon (twice) = I can sacrifice my life for you.

Female sings
Dil deh shudiyaa usaan thenoo vai = I have already given my heart to you
Devinaa guvaa, soneyan = Oh! my Beloved

Baavan goriyan thereh gal paavan = Shall I put my fair arms around you
Dil'ch chupaaleh, soneyaa = Hide me in your heart my love

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2 - Taz sings
Dekhiyan bigher thenoo = Without seeing you
Dil neyon lagda = My heart is uneasy
Tho-en meree jaan, soneyeh (twice) = You are my life, Oh! beautiful

Har paseh tho disdee-en = Everywhere, I see you
Dil uvajaan maar-da = My heart calls for you
Tho-en meree jaan, soneyeh (twice) = You are my life,Oh! beautiful
Female sings
Thoveen, meree-an saahandeh vich vasdaa = You too reside in my breath
Shadkeh naa jaaveen, soneyaa  = Don't you ever leave me Oh! Beautiful

Thereh kadhmaach jaan meree nikleh vai = May I die at your feet
Ehoyee meraa chaa, soneyaa = This is my only wish my love 

OMG... the romance in this one song alone. I'm also a sucker for love songs. I know. I'm such a girl. Here's the video for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Apart from some spelling mistakes in Pujnabi and little translations errors, everything is fine. I remember listening to this song some 8 - 9 years ago. Taz was quite famous at that time. Haven't you heard the romantic songs of Sheera Jasvir? I think he is the only Punjabi singer famous enough to sing only romantic songs.

    Try this :

  2. I had not heard of him until just now. I'm excited, going to listen to some of his music and see if I like him. Then I'll question hubby why he never told me about him. :D

  3. Apna face to dikha do actress vactress ho kya??😋😂

  4. Taz is my all time evergreen favourite from atleast 2000s when i was 10-11 yr old😊😀