Monday, February 18, 2013

Musical Monday - Bombay Rockers Let's Dance

One of my favorite fusion groups is Bombay Rockers. Yes, their music can easily be too simple, a little crazy and maybe even silly but I like it. They have some good background music and the videos are sometimes fun to watch.

The first Bombay Rockers song I ever heard was Rock Tha Party (Extended Version).

The video cracks me up and I like the tune to the song as well. When hubby saw the video he called them crackheads before laughing along with me. While a little on the pervish/stalker side, I give this song a thumbs up lol. He's singing of how he's addicted to this girl and her body and want's her to take him higher every night. Here's the lyrics including the translation for the Punjabi parts.

And the video for your viewing pleasure:


  1. One of the most bizarre music videos ever. :)

  2. I think their video's are why hubby calls them crackheads lol. I don't know who comes up with these ideas hahaha.