Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions

I love this phrase lol. I find myself saying it a lot and now it definitely applies to me.

I got my dream job. I'm loving about 90% of it but there's a few things that take some time to adjust to. This job is affording me some really fun, fascinating and exciting opportunities. I'm learning a lot and really enjoying the work. The bad part....I work off of other peoples random schedules lol. So that means while I may be 9 to 5 today, tomorrow I could be 1 AM to Noon. The hours are varied and rarely a simple 8 hours. They could be 3 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, etc. It's not bad, it just means I have to vary my sleep and eat schedules.

Of course the benefits far outweigh that issue. They pay all of my expenses and then some. There's many perks and the salary is good too. Then of course I get to do some of my favorite things and get paid. People watching for example. If you ever take the time to just look at people, you can learn a lot. I've written a few blogs here of my people watching experiences while I wasn't getting paid. It provokes a lot of thought to watch daily human actions and interactions. I love it. And I get to investigate. I get to find things that people don't think can be found. That part is exhilarating.

When I got this job, I had every intention of keeping up this blog, posting just the same as always...blah blah blah. Well, it wasn't long until I moved to posting every other day. Lol. Then a couple weeks ago I ran out of things to post and time to put anything else together. Then out of nowhere I got a burst of inspiration and time and I managed to get more post together. Now I'm back at a lull. I've again run out of posts. Oops....

In the meantime, I'm way overdue for a monthly update. I've now been home 8 months. I'm very much back into the swing of American life. My biggest complication this month is finding time to talk with my husband amid this changing schedule. As if our time difference wasn't enough. We're managing pretty good though I think. Thank God for email and text messaging right?

I've again adapted my dressing style. I now need to be less individual and stand out less. I have to blend in with the surroundings so I'm much more likely to wear things I never would have worn before....or at least not since I was a purple jeans. I've had to limit my use of bangles and increase my wearing of jeans. I *hate* jeans btw. And I'm wearing a lot more black...which I didn't think was possible before, nor did my friends lol. They used to tell me I wore way too much black so I have no idea what they would say to me now.

My personality has changed. I don't know if this is new or renewed but I go out and do more fun things now. I don't stress over whether or not I should, do I have time, etc. I just go and do it. I guess you could say I'm living in the minute more. I've been spending more quality time with family and been less independent than before. In a good way.

I'm still freezing to death. This winter hasn't even been as cold as it usually is but I'm constantly running the heat and trying to stay warm. I've taken to wearing fleece around the house and my hoodies. Even when the house is 70F/21C. This isn't really any different than India. I was freezing there whenever hubby put the AC down to 25C. So now I'm certain my issues with cold weather are directly related to my Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism and have nothing to do with the weather. My body just doesn't adjust to cold very well.

I think that about sums it up. Other than being a lot busier than usual I'm doing okay. I haven't gotten sick, I haven't had any health issues other than the low Vitamin D I wrote about previously. I hope you all are doing well too.

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