Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Love Me Wall - It's all about the numbers!

In the US we have something called a "love me" wall. This is the wall in your home where you post all of your life accomplishments. People put up framed copies of their high school and college diploma's, special certificates, etc. It's a reminder of the things we have accomplished in life. Since this blog doesn't really have walls, I'm making it a post.

This is my 500th post here on this blog. It's amazing to me how fast I hit this number. During that time I've met some wonderful people and made a few friends as a result of this blog. Here's some stats to go with this 500th post.

I've had over 221,000 all time views at the time of posting this. Not bad considering I really only started regularly updating this blog 2 years ago.
There have been 3074 comments posted throughout this blog.  
I've had 70 people contact me through the contact form.
I've accumulated 434 followers on FaceBook.

I've gained 80 followers via the blogger platform and 38 through email.
I've changed the name of this blog 3 times. 
I have 61 Alexa indexed links to my site. (There are a lot more not indexed!) 
I've used 5 different themes.
I have 56 posts in my drafts folder that may never actually be published here unless I hit writer's block.

This blog started as my safe place to post things I didn't yet understand and things I wasn't able to say to those in my real life. It had no purpose, meaning or form at that time. I literally knew nothing of blogging except that it was my one safe place to journal when writing in a paper-filled notebook wasn't safe. 

I took a new direction back in 2009, again in 2011 and now again in 2012. This blog is ever evolving as I learn and grow in my own life.  Now, I have met many interesting people through this blog. I notice when regular commenters go missing. I've received a lot of nice comments, a few not-so-nice and a couple downright nasty comments. All of which were good for me in some way

I appreciate all the interactions I receive on this blog, whether I agree with you or not. I respect the views of each of my readers and I enjoy the chance to be exposed to your thoughts and ideas. I look forward to the future and I would love for you all to keep following me and commenting. 

My most popular blog post is: How Do White People Feel?
My least popular blog post is:  Iced over and sugar sweet..Hindu studies week 4
Post with the most comments: Indian Adolescents are More Sexually Active than US Adolescents

Do you have a desi/pardesi related blog? 
Do your have a blog about desi culture?  
Do you write about current issues in India?

Post the link in the comments below and let everyone know. (Please be advised your comment may go to my review folder. I will approve legitimate blogs but I will not approve links to sales websites or other spam.) 

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  1. Congratulations!
    I think I let the 500 post mark pass without noticing on my blog :-)

    Yes I have a blog that is about the challenge of being an expat in India, though over the years it's more an account of my daily life punctuated by some of my thoughts about India's issues, current or not.
    Cyn's Adventure in India: