Friday, January 25, 2013

American Rickshaw

I knew bigger cities had these and around the holiday's smaller cities offer horse and buggy rides which is the closest thing I've really seen around here. So I was surprised while I was working in one of our mid-sized cities here in Virginia to see a bicycle rickshaw, more commonly known in the US as a pedicab. I thought I would share a picture because these don't look quite the same as a rickshaw in India would. The concept is similar, so is the design but there are still many differences.

Excuse the noticeable glare from inside of my car. It was not only way too cold to get out of the car but there was also no parking available for me to pull over and do so. I'm not yet crazy enough to get out and walk around in these temperatures, my body just hasn't adjusted well enough yet. I did try once and my thyroid gland in my neck started hurting so bad from the exposure to the cold air that I had to call my mother to come pick me up and take me home.

One of the main differences you'll notice between this pedicab and a typical auto-rickshaw is there is no canopy over the seating area. It's also not made of wood and other perishable materials.

I took this picture in downtown Roanoke, the locally famous "Center in the Square." There's a North Indian restaurant there, Nawab, Thai food, Greek food and so much more. It's the heart of downtown Roanoke. I must admit, I got a little excited seeing so many people from so many cultures there while I was working. I got a few other pictures to share as well.

Those pictures are part of my view America series I've been posting on Facebook. If you haven't already liked my page, please do and get quick easy access to photo's I post. I don't edit them, other than to add my blog name, and all of them are completely random. I take most of them from my car so they represent what you would actually see if you came to America....they are not the tourist version! There's no posing, no setting up the camera and looking for just the right shot, etc. Just pure, reality America.

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  1. I haven't seen them personally but I think I remember hearing about them once. If I see them myself, I'll be sure to get pictures.