Monday, December 10, 2012

South Asian Men & Black Women

I'm always on the lookout for more resources to share with you all. Just a few days ago I happened upon a new gem of a resource. It's harder for me to find these type of resources because I mostly interact with other bloggers and there's not many bloggers in this niche.

Anyway, I am in a lot of FB groups as well and that's how I ran across this one. It's a Facebook page for intercultural relationships between South Asian Men & Black Women. That's the name of the page.

So whether you're Nigerian, Liberian, Tanzanian, African American or a pardesi looking to meet other women in relationships like yours, I urge you to check out the page. We should all stick together and support each other. After all, love is color blind!

Below you'll find the link to the page. I have also added it to the "Pardesi Resources" tab above so you can find it later without having to dig through the blog. 

Have another resource I've missed? Want to share your pardesi/desi relationship page, group or forum with other girls in the community? Contact me via the form above or leave me a comment here. I would love to check it out and let the rest of our community know about you!


  1. There is the Blog "A Journey in Black and Indian Love" over at Alisa, the Blogger is African American and her husband Indian. She´s also running a FB site:

    Also there is another "blindian" Blog by Marshea It´s not really focussing on the topic but still to be mentioned here.

  2. Thank you! I follow Alisa's blog but she doesn't write often. I didn't know about her FB page. I also didn't know about Marshea. I'm glad you posted these.