Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lawless America

This has nothing to do with the post but if you're reading this then obviously the world didn't end yesterday. If by chance the world ended then I guess I wasted my time typing this post and no one will ever know about it. 

While everyone knows about corruption in India and how rampant it can be, it is often well-concealed in America. Not everyone here is foolish enough to ignore it though. Those that are in power in the US or who have authority over others almost always tend to abuse it. The term "loophole" designates a legal method of circumventing the rules - aka corruption.

These loopholes and other methods of corruption exist and go widely unnoticed by the general public. Sure, there are laws to protect us but there are also provisions that sometimes prevent us from being able to enforce the laws. Sometimes the person the corruption has been committed against doesn't know they've been cheated and never complains which further allows the corrupt person to get away with their behavior. Other times the systems in place for them to get help is just as corrupt as the event that led them there and they get no help afterall.

Of course, unlike India you can't just pay a bribe, get things the way you want them and then go on about your day. No one in the US openly bribes you in the completion of ordinary tasks like registering a marriage license. But they do find other ways to abuse their authority. 

I happened upon a website one day that exploits corruption in America. This man is currently making a movie about judicial corruption across America. Most would say he's a quack but in reality he makes some very valid points. And eventually his message will be heard by the right people and instead of calling him a quack the country will wake up and do something about this. He's fighting judicial corruption. Read that again. Judicial corruption. Our judges here violate laws every day against unknowing and unsuspecting citizens. It happens right under our noses.

As a recent victim of corruption both in India and the US I find myself standing behind Bill Windsor. I majored in criminal justice, I know just how wrong these practices of some US court judges are. I don't want my America to become as corrupt as India but if it keeps being run by the same leaders then things are not going to get better. America needs a revolution. We need a better system of punishment for those who knowingly break the law.

It's one thing when a common man breaks a law to feed his family or when he's not aware he's breaking the law. It's another thing when you know the law well, get paid to uphold it and still break it anyway. You deserve more punishment. You are held to a higher standard and a simple slap on the hand is not sufficient.

If you are an American, I urge you to support Bill's efforts to bring about changes that would prevent or at least curb judicial misconduct.

If you don't have an interest in judicial corruption, find other people like Bill who focus on other areas of corruption in the US (or your own country if you're not American). Stand by them, support them. It's your country, if you don't do something then who will?


  1. also legal bribery a.k.a. lobbying

  2. Yes! It always comes down to the money and the truth doesn't even matter anymore.