Monday, December 24, 2012

Indians Love Jingle Bells and the 12 Bhangs of Christmas

One of the most familiar things I heard while in India was the tune to Jingle Bells. I heard it on many cell phones as a ring tone - and it wasn't near Christmas. I hear it on Indian's phones here in the states long after Christmas is gone. It's a festive song with a catchy tune so this isn't a bad thing. It was fun to hear it, especially while in India. Of course, that's just my opinion because the song reminds me of some very fond memories.

On that note, I leave you with some Christmas cheer. This is a Punjabi parody of Jingle Bells.

This one is hilarious.... I had to share. It's the Punjabi 12 Days of Christmas.

Another favorite - Sanjeev (From Goodness Gracious Me) explaining how Santa is Punjabi.

Merry Christmas everybody!!
Happy Holidays!!
A Festive Yule to You!!
Happy Kwanza!!
Happy Chanukah!!

  Whatever your holiday, I hope you're enjoying it with loved ones!

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