Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time Dilemma

Daylight Savings Time

....there's lots of time issues!

Last Saturday we all set our clocks back 1 hour here in the US. Well, most of us. There are 2 locations in the US that don't participate in daylight savings time (Arizona and Hawaii - keep in mind the Navajo Nation in Arizona does participate).

The concept is that in the spring we change our clocks up one hour. (So 1 AM becomes 2 AM). Then in the fall we set them back one hour (so 2 AM becomes 1 AM). This allows for the maximum amount of daylight during both seasons. It's an old custom that my husband doesn't understand. Each time we do it I have to explain it to him again. This is not one of my strong points because I don't really care about daylight savings time. I simply reset my clock, enjoy the extra hour of sleep in the fall and forget about the rest.

BUT, I do like the fact that in the fall it makes communication between him and I a little easier. See, the time difference is one of the most complicated things for me and him to work around. After this time change in the fall, there's only 9 1/2 hours difference between our times instead of 10 1/2. It does alleviate some of the problems he and I face.

The biggest problem is that I like to get up, start my morning and get everything done early. This allows me to rest in the afternoon and evening with only a few minor tasks to do. Occasionally I go out to an event. Either way everything I need done is finished up by lunch time and I like it that way. So what's the problem???

My morning is his evening. I'm waking up about the time he gets off of work. He likes to come home and rest in between running errands for his family. So this means that we're both busy during the best time of day to talk. Well, maybe not the best but the time when we would be able to spend the most amount of time together.

We could wait until I'm done running and he's done running and ready to settle in for the night. But that's getting late in his night and then he has to stay up late which affects our morning chats. He still stays up for us to talk though. On days he has nothing to do he gets bored waiting for me to get home.

Then there's our second daily conversation. That's his morning and my night. We have less time to talk then because after staying up all night he doesn't get up early. I can't blame this on our talk times because even when I'm there with him and he goes to bed at a normal hour he still sleeps all morning. After this time change I get confused and often we mix up when we're talking. I have to be online a little early and adjust my routine.

It's nice once I get used to it. It means I can feel less tired during this conversation. Normally I'm falling asleep and can't stop yawning but not after we fall back an hour. This is a nice change. Now he doesn't have to sit and wait for me to be done with my running as long and we can both get a little more sleep.

How do you address your time difference issues when communicating with your long distance lover? Does daylight savings time help or hinder your conversation times?


  1. APPI, you've got it backwards! it is now a 10.5 hour difference between the east coast and India, 9.5 in the summer.

  2. Oops. I must have typed it wrong. I've been a little scatter-brained these days. Thank you for catching that.