Monday, November 26, 2012

Looking for a Job in the US

Whoever says education doesn't pay off???

Before going to India I was working in a call center as my primary job (I had 3 jobs) talking to an average of 60-85 customers per day with technical issues. While it wasn't the best job, I will forever be grateful for that job. It was between calls that I got my education. My friends, my coworkers and my supervisor all supported me and listened to me when I read about some of the crazy things that happen in our country each year. (Not that it's pertinent to the story but the US has thousands of "terror-related" incidents each year!)

I searched for jobs in my spare time that fit  my education. It was a tough market and our economy was bad so nothing that fit into my wants came around. Still, I applied to many places. I aimed high and I dressed for the job I wanted. I tweaked my resume and did all the normal things. But, things on the job front didn't work out then. Or at least not fast enough since I hadn't yet completed my degree. Okay, maybe I was a little over zealous to be applying so early.

Now fast forward to this year. I have my completed degree (I graduated Summe cum Laude!). I kept writing while I applied for offline jobs. I never wanted to be a writer forever, it was just a way to keep an income and pay the bills. As of now, I've been a writer for 4 long years and I was ready for a career change.

I again revamped my resume and also created a CV. I had enough experience under my belt to rate one for some of the jobs I was applying for. It's complicated to look for a job with a degree in forensic science. There's so many options you can go to and most training is on the job. I literally had to make 3 different resumes and 1 CV to keep up with the types of jobs I was applying for.

I carefully selected jobs this time. Unlike before I didn't apply for everything I saw. I've learned a lot about picking the right job. I put in 27 applications in one month. That may not seem like a lot or it may seem like too just depends on how you look at it.

I put in applications like that for 2 months. I interviewed, I tested for jobs and got call backs. Then it came to me. I got a call that I couldn't believe! It was a recruiter for a job I never thought I would get. I was qualified but it's been my experience that with our current economy and job market that these jobs go to people much more qualified than me. Apparently I got lucky. Or maybe I just happened to be sitting in the right place at the right time.

I spoke to the recruiter, took thorough notes on the job and asked a few questions. He offered me the job during the call and told me to think it over. Then he said he would have to call me back after he checked on some things. When he called me back he offered me the job again and I couldn't say no! This really is my dream job.

After getting the job I had to go through the hiring process. That includes signing a lot of paperwork, setting up payroll and getting everything I needed for the job. Then they sent me to the state licensing classes. After that it's time for on the job training and then I'm on my own.

Time between application and hiring - 3 months
Time to complete the hiring process - 6 weeks (1 1/2 months)
Time for training and licensing 1 month
Total time to get a good job (and start it) in the US - 5 1/2 months

Good things really do come to those who wait. My career dreams are finally taking off.


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