Wednesday, November 14, 2012

30 Years and 4 Sons Later

I want to warn you all. I have several posts coming up in the next few days all based around some revelations I made this past Sunday. I went to church at my mother's beckoning because they were having some missionaries speak. Their churches missionaries to India. Obviously, she wanted to share this with me and I took it as a golden opportunity to learn more about something I never could experience in India. I am not sorry I participated in this event at all!

I took a picture and was thinking of posting it here and then I remembered that it's taboo to post pictures of missionaries to the Christian faith. Unfortunately their work sometimes takes them into harms way and if their pictures are available and their work revealed it could get them killed. This happens throughout the world, even in the US so I'm keeping the picture to myself. But, I can tell you all about them.

First off, imagine my surprise when I walked into the church all dressed up in Indian clothes to find out that the husband was Gujrati and his wife was white!!! Yes! I love meeting other desi/pardesi couples. I find it inspirational. So as my first post about this big day, I want to introduce you to them.

He came to the US at age 13. He never learned Hindi or even Gujrati. He grew up a Hindu. At the time they met, she had never left the US. They met in college, had a love marriage and she bore 4 sons during the early years of their marriage. At the time they were "called" to be missionaries to India, he said she and the kids all hated the smell of curry. I loved that part lol. He said he was worried because they were going to the land of curry and he wasn't sure how they would survive.  It was a cute story.

When they were going through the church to be missionaries, she ran into trouble because she didn't have the 4 year degree that the church wanted before they would sponsor her. She went back to college but quickly found that with 4 children, this was not something she could quickly accomplish. So they decided he should be the missionary and her accompany him.

**And here's the shocker.** The church didn't want to send them. Why you ask? They told her that their marriage wouldn't be accepted in India. They told her that the people of India would not respond to him because he married a white woman. But in the grand spirit of being American, she did not give up. They both kept looking and found a church that would sponsor them both. This church believed in them enough that they give 100% of all donations directly to them for their missionary work.

What happened after they got to India nearly 20 years ago? Nothing. The people loved her and accepted her readily. Her sons weren't treated any different. She did homeschool them because of the travel between India and the US, the children wouldn't have been able to keep up and get a decent education. (Most missionaries are only allowed to work so long and then they must take a break and come home before going back to work.)

I found their story quite impressive. Through all kinds of obstacles, they remained married and had a good life together as a mixed race couple. I hope you enjoy my posts about them and the revelations I made during this meeting.


  1. APPI, I have to point out something to you, that has come up many times in your blog. Most Indians-south Asians-are Caucasian, so rather than saying "mixed race" say "inter-ethnic" relationship. People are so quick to throw the word "race" around (scientifically there are only 4 races plus the Aborigines in Australia, who are genetically unique) and it just helps create more barriers and put up more walls.

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