Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Amazing Fall Colors in Central Eastern America

I hope fall is treating you all well so far. I'm loving the temperatures, the beauty surrounding me and I have a new found appreciation for all the leaves falling into the roads. I'm fortunate to live in a mountainous area where I can see these things on a daily basis.

Today Hurricane Sandy is expected to show her ugly face to a significant portion of the US. I will be fine. I've lived through many hurricanes and been hit hard by 3 major US hurricanes in history so far. I intend to weather out the storm in my home where I have plenty supplies available. Our temperatures are expected to drop down to around 36F/2C tonight. I will be nestled up under my favorite blanket that I missed so much while I was in India. I hope you are also warm and comfortable wherever you are.

I wanted to share some pictures with all of my non-Central Eastern American readers/ (Wow that designation sounds like mouthful!) This region includes Virginia, Tennessee, parts of Northern Arkansas, North Carolina, parts of South Carolina, West Virginia, and Kentucky. (Those are the only states I've been to this time of year so it's possible this occurs elsewhere.)

This part of Virginia is amazingly beautiful this time of year and what better time to share the vivid colors I'm witnessing than now, during the onset of the Diwali season. I just drove across the country (literally) last week and I can assure you that there are many states who do not get to experience the changing colors of the leaves. Mostly the southernmost US. Those that do experience it, it is not to the same level as in the mountains of Virginia. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

This is my favorite picture of all. This tree is (obviously) along the edge of a parking lot. I've always liked this tree though lol.

This is such a great mix of yellow, orange and red. I also love how the tree trunk almost looks black in comparison to the leaves. Here's some other examples of things I see on a daily basis here.

Unless you click on this picture to see it larger, you won't notice that the mountains are orange, yellow and red! It's spectacular to see. These are the Blue Ridge Mountains and the clouds are shading some of trees but the view is just spectacular.

This is what the trees look like when you're driving through the Blue Ridge mountains. I was on the side of the mountain and going around some tight curves. Notice this road looks nothing like the Rhotang pass! ("Death" road in the Himalayas) Don't let it fool you though, these roads around the mountains here can be scary too.

Okay so here the leaves are almost gone off of the trees. But, hopefully you can see the red leaves in the middle of the picture. Some of the lower leaves are turning yellow and the bark on the tree is darkening. I was looking down the side of the mountain into a local river. You can tell it's getting cold by looking at this picture.

I love fall. It's my absolute favorite season. Winter is my second favorite. I'm looking forward to the snow and sharing it with you. Unfortunately I wasn't able to travel the mountains of India much and none of it was in the fall otherwise I would share those with you too. I bet the Himalayas are spectacular.

What's your favorite season? Do the spectacular colors of fall make you happy? I can't help but feel almost elated at the vibrant colors around me.


  1. Just say mid-Atlantic region, not 'central Eastern American.' And Arkansas is not a part of the east coast/mid-Atlantic.

  2. I miss these exact same fall colours from Switzerland, every year withot a fail I start feeling home sick seeing my friends post fall pictures :-) For that most of India is pretty boring, leaves never change colours around here.

  3. Either way you slice it, it's just plain beautiful. I live in southeastern USA and I really miss my home state, where they hills roll on forever into the distance. These pics look like my childhood backyard! My favorite pic is the winding country road! Fall is definitely a time for reflection. I miss seeing the seasons change... Here, its green then brown then bare. So boring!

  4. I wasn't referring to the entire mid-Atlantic. There's a lot of states in there I haven't been to in fall and have no idea if this applies. I've only been to 2 mid-Atlantic states in the fall and I was also referring to some non mid-Atlantic states. So I wasn't sure how to term it. Tennessee, West Virginia and Kentucky would not be included in mid-Atlantic. It was complicated to find terms I thought fit lol. It's not really even a region per-se. Granted, all of my pictures are from Virginia, but I was referring to quite a few more states than just here.

  5. I missed this beauty while I was in India as well.

  6. Oh yes, I love that road. I get to drive it fairly often and it's so beautiful every time.