Saturday, October 20, 2012

Save The Rupees (or Dollars!) - Where You Can Find Free Stuff!

I love being part of the desi/pardesi communities. You get a lot of great ideas for what the girls in there really need and you see a lot of different perspectives on topics of interest to our little niche. Recently one girl was asking for some book suggestions. A commenter here on my blog also mentioned how people in the US tend to live outside of their means. All this got me to thinking that maybe a lot of girls haven't yet thought of or found many of the free resources out there that would be of interest to them. After all, the internet is so big no one could ever surf all of it. Having too much time on my hands and a good knowledge of the internet underground and some tricks to find resources, I've decided a list is in order!

I've tailored each of these searches toward only Indian based items of interest. You can easily visit any one of them and perform a new search and find tons more things that you might want. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to share other things you've found on the internet that are free and of interest to the pardesi community. (Please don't list blogs here. I know they hold a great wealth of free information but they can easily be found by the blogroll lists on all of the bloggers pages. Thank you!)

Project Gutenberg: Subject "India" Search
Free Google eBooks: Search term "India"
Many Books: Search term "India" 
Himalayan Academy Sacred Hindu Literature Collection
The Divine Life Society: Free eBooks on Yoga, Religion and Philosophy
Hindu eBooks Blog - provides links to many free books

Scholarly Resources:
Directory of Open Access Journals: Search Term "India" 

Podcast Directory: Search term "Gita" Site Search term "Hindu" 

Teaching Resources:
ActionAid Free Teaching Resources: India
Oxfam Education: Country - India
MrDonn - India Past and Present
SparkleBox: India Topic Resources (Parents should check these out as well!)

Learn Indic Languages Free:
Learn Punjabi Free (some paid resources on the page as well)
Learning Hindi
L-Lingo Hindi learning app
Linguanaut Learn Hindi
My Languages: Learn Bengali
Byki Bengali learning software
(obviously this is a short list, please share your favorite free resources as a comment!)

Link lists for free resources: 
Free Scholarly Journals
Highwire from Stanford University (lists more free scholarly articles)
Podcast411 Listing of podcast directories
Useful Resources for Library and Information Professionals in India

Things I can't link to:
Bhagavad Gita as an iTunes podcast
Free eBooks on iTunes (search India, Hindu, etc.)


  1. For "Learn Indic Languages", I recommend to learn the script.