Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nine Divine Nights

The Nine Divine Nights are Navratri. The festival begins today and Hindu's all over India will being abstaining from meat (if they don't already) and alcohol and praying to the Goddess Durga. In Punjab, many are known to only drink milk for the first 7 days of Navratri and then break the fast with fruit on Asthami or Navami.

It is believed that during this time the Goddess grants blessings to her devotees, cures their ills and removes evil from their lives. 

Navratri, sometimes called Navratras, occurs twice a year. This year it begins today, October 16, and ends on October 23.

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  1. Shubh Navratri! It is hard to celebrate when so far away from everything, isn't it? It does not feel like a festive season to me right now. :( Even in Dallas we would have the garba. I will go to some of our Navratri aartis here; at least the college community has a little something.

  2. It's good you have something to go to. I don't know of our local events yet. I've never had the time to look into them. I have met some of the local Indian community and hopefully when life settles down a little I will be able to participate more.