Wednesday, October 3, 2012

If 17% of the World is Indian then Why Is It So Hard to Find a Good Wife?

OMG. Yes, I'm involved in looking for a wife for BIL again. After mummy and papa ji have been searching for so long without assistance and having no luck at all, I've again started searching the dating sites. Let's think about this in a humorous way for a minute.

Random Friend: Hey, it's Saturday night, what are your plans?
Me: I'm looking for Indian women online.
Random Friend: What? I didn't know you went that way. Wait, aren't you married?

Lol. I've got some weird looks from my American friends when I tell them what I'm doing. They think I'm nuts and so do I. Probably because I've searched for this elusive NRI woman with traditional values and a strong will who doesn't smoke, drink excessively or party like she has nothing better to do. Yet here I am again.

It's strange but there are still some of the same women on the dating website that I remember from last year when I was searching. A few have gone. The worst part is that all the girls expressing interest in BIL are currently living in Punjab. He has expressly forbid anyone who he has to pay for her education or whose family just wants to dig in his pockets for a while. That rules out about 90% of the girls that are expressing interest. Well, to be fair - their parents or siblings are expressing interest.

BIL's about to get him a white girl if this NRI fiasco keeps up lol. I haven't forgotten all of your tips that you gave me last year either. Wish me luck again. I think we need it. However, if you know of any decent girls in Australia or the UK, never married and not party girls leave me a comment.

In the meantime, you all should know that there is much more to arranging a marriage than many pardesi's realize. Arranged marriages are like dating websites on crack. Not only do you need to find someone compatible with the groom (or bride), you have to find someone who meets all the families criteria, has the right horoscope, etc. Half the people on these dating websites aren't even ready for marriage. These profiles are put up by their family members and I don't doubt that most of them are pressured into it. (Ha! I think it's natural in most cultures to be resistant to marriage - especially if you don't know the person.)

Then you have to factor in the high standards expected. In our case the girl must be a resident or citizen of Australia. Otherwise there are negative repercussions for her visa if she gets married to BIL. In addition to that we need a non-veg, non-smoking woman who can put up with a strong willed man. I can't marry him off to anyone mousy, they would be too incompatible.

Of course the girls also have their high standards. Some of them want someone well settled and I don't consider a shared home (BIL rents a home with a few other Indian men) as being well settled. BIL is also not a business suit wearing type. Instead he's athletic and prefers t-shirts. I can only imagine how hard it's going to be to get him into a suit for the wedding lol. I almost didn't get my hubby into one!

Oh well, let's hope we find someone the whole family likes soon. Wish me luck.

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