Friday, October 26, 2012


First and foremost I want to thank each and every one of my readers, both those who have followed me for years and those just joining me here.

Originally I started this blog with the intent to share my ups, downs, ravings and rantings with anyone willing to listen. I was committed to sharing each part of my journey to, through and back from India no matter if it was good or bad. Before I started I had no idea where that journey would take me. It was rocky most of the time and a downright horror stories at others.

Regardless of all of that, it was still a once in a lifetime learning experience. I've rather enjoyed all the comments, questions, etc. that you all have left for me. You've taught me things, kept me realistic and helped me through some very rough times. I know most people think a blog is just a blog but I am a real person and to me you all are real people. I talk to you just as I would my friends but without the face to face inhibitions. It's truly been great so far.

Now that I'm back in the states I'm sure you've noticed the tone of this blog has changed considerably. I'm much more objective and can look back and reflect on things that I used to be too emotional to discuss. I'm so happy about this. As the saying in the US goes "hindsight is 20/20." For those of you who haven't heard it, that basically means that you can see perfectly and clearly when you are able to look back upon something. That's what I'm doing now.

So as when I was in India, I was consumed with anger and frustration and a lot of pain, now I'm home and not experiencing the sickness, the stress, etc. and I can think about my life in India a lot better. My feelings on India are again changing and my perception of Amritsar is different as well.

While I can't promise you there won't be any more angry or hurt rants posted on this blog, I will be taking a slightly different approach with it from now on. You'll still get the drama-filled personal posts but I've also planned more educational posts, more inspiring and insightful posts. I still want to help others who will move to India so they can be prepared and have the best life possible there and now I think it's important to explain, discuss and educate everyone on different subjects.

It's going to be great talking about the family relations, the customs I experienced and the happy feelings and thoughts I have toward my Indian in-laws and extended family. There's so much I never got to discuss because I was so miserable most of the time I just couldn't bring myself to post much that was good. The anger consumed me (not that I haven't said that before lol). I hope you all continue to still follow my blog as I continue to post more about life in India and how to find the happiness you're looking for inside of you.

My journey is not over. My relationship is very strong, just hang in there with me as I continue to navigate the intercultural marriage that has come to inspire me and has brought me the true happiness that all of us deserve in life.


  1. Oh man, when I read the first paragraph, it sounded like you were shutting the thing down. Glad to see that's not the case! Sounds like a good turn :) Looking forward to the future!

  2. I thought the same as Andrea! I am really happy to read this post, pleased to know your health and happiness are being put first in the US and glad to see that you now know the value of your experience, understanding and talent of sharing this insider information with others. Individual is what it is, you either adjust or get out but the experience of a person that has managed to adjust is invaluable. Can't wait to read more and honestly think I should be back on the blogging horse. :) working in a private school in Amritsar gave me a whole new understanding of Indian education and ethics! I hope Hubbs is okay without you, our two hubbies should probably catch up lol. Both in Amritsar without their blogging better halves. X

    1. India is** silly phone!

  3. I am really enjoying reading your blog Kristy . I can see a lot of healing maturing and eye opening going on .Nice to see you so at peace with everything in your life .

  4. I don't know that I could ever shut this down. The thought has crossed my mind over some recent events at home but the more I think about it, that would be the wrong thing to do. I started this blog with the goal of providing information to others about things I go through in this relationship and shutting it down would keep me from fulfilling that goal. I'm just not a quitter I think. :D

    And now that I've missed 2 days of posting, I must get back to work!

  5. Thank you. Being back home has made a significant difference in my life, my outlook, etc. I'm glad that people can see it.