Friday, October 5, 2012

15 Things To Do in Amritsar on Your Next Trip

Whether you arrive by plane or train there is a lot more to see  and do in Amritsar than you might have heard of. Amritsar is a city rich in history and tradition.

  1. Visit Jalianwala Bagh and read the signs along the entrance. This monument stands in honor of the 2000 Indians massacred by the British rule during the struggle for India's Independence.
  2. Shop in the famed Hall Bazaar. Stores of all types abound including housewares, major appliances and mercantile type stores.
  3. While in the Hall Bazaar, visit Jama Masjid Khairuddin.This is the holy place where Tootie-e-Hind, Shah Attaullah Bukhari gave the call against Bristish rule.
  4. Ride on a cycle rickshaw. 
  5. Tour the Maharaja Singh garden and museum. 
  6. Take a walk along the road through Ram Bagh. 
  7. Take a picture with the Shaheedi Bohr. This banyan tree is in Namdhari Shaheedi Samark along the northern side of Ram Bagh. The tree is historic in that the British hung 4 people from the tree after an uprising at the Golden Temple.
  8. Visit one of the many gold retailers. For name brand merchandise there is Tanishq and for a smaller mom and pop operation, visit Tarlok Chand.
  9. Watch the closing ceremonies, or changing of the guard, at the Wagah Border. Depending on where you sit, you can watch both the Indian and Pakistani ceremonies.
  10. Step inside the main temple at Durgiana Mandir. Listen to the sounds of the music and take in the enthusiasm of the musicians. Once you're done, tour the temple grounds and the surrounding smaller temples inside and immediately outside of the temple complex. For those brave enough, when exiting the temple step into the tikki shop on the left and enjoy a tasty treat!
  11. Visit Ram Tirath. This complex dates back to the Ramayana and holds many temples. There is a hut marking where Mata Sita gave birth to Luv & Kush
  12. See Samadh of Sravan - legend has it that Sravan (from the Ramayana period) lies buried here along the bank of the Purani Dhab.
  13. Take an auto rickshaw or taxi out to tour the lush farm lands just outside of the city. 
  14. Eat at Brothers Dhaba, one of the oldest eateries in Amritsar. There are actually 2 of them, side by side, on the path to the Golden Temple.
  15. Visit the Golden Temple and wade through the line to go inside. The trip is just not the same if you don't go into the temple. The wait is terrible but I promise you won't be disappointed! 
If you don't mind a small excursion as part of your trip, these attractions are around 25-40 KM away from the city and are well worth a visit.
  • Samadhi of Guru Anghad Dev Ji
  • Khoo Kalyanwala
  • Pul Kanjari
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Have you been to any of these places? 
What are some fun, interesting things you noticed? 
Are there any attractions that I missed? Tell me about them! 

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