Saturday, September 29, 2012

You Know You Can't Look Away - The FDI Fiasco in your Future Maybe?

This is low class America. Just FYI for anyone who has never been to America, low class here is not all about money or how much your family is worth, etc. Status is involved but not the same way people rate status in India. At least not for me.

Low class to me are the nasty people in our society - and some of them make a lot of money. They barely dress themselves, they walk around acting like they don't care about anything and they generally have no manners, smell bad, etc. I include drug dealers, prostitutes, thugs, etc. in my idea of low class.

For those of you who support FDI, you should watch this. This is the kind of low class clientele that Wal-Mart attracts. What's not shown is that you also frequently see people in their pajamas, ripped up clothing, dirty clothes, etc that this video doesn't show. Wal-Mart, while attracting decent middle class people (financially) also attracts some down right nasty and scary individuals. (I'm not talking about the people who are in costumes.)

Just watch, you won't be able to look away it's so hideous and yet funny at the same time. You will exclaim "WTF" or "eww"more than once I predict.

And here's the accompanying website - People of Walmart.

So go ahead, invite Wal-Mart in. Let's see what kind of creepers crawl out of the concrete in India.

**Yes, I know this blog is somewhat judgmental. So shoot me. I don't like seeing someone's nasty business hanging out when I'm out in public. You can be different, eccentric, etc. I don't care. Just don't let your naughty bits hang out for the world to see. It's disrespectful to yourself. It makes you look uneducated and no one wants to sit on a chair after you get up. Thank you.

ALSO - before anyone starts telling me that India doesn't have people with morals this low, you should consider that YES, they do. While they might take more care in how they dress than these Americans, there are still some low class (personality-wise, not money-wise) in India. You will start to see the shameless individuals of your society gravitate toward what is perceived as a store for everyone, a store that is there to save people money and offer quality products. Their business model doesn't allow for them to offer you the quality goods for long, after a while it will be the cheap Chinese junk that you all try to avoid now.


  1. American Punjaban PI-
    That video doesn't even begin to show what goes on in the parking lot at Walmart. I've seen alcoholic tailgate parties, customers urinating & defecating (For Indians- anyone urinating & defecating outside a toilet in the US is considered 'low class' and is illegal also), trailers and campers there for months (Walmart allows customers to park recreational vehicles overnight on their lot), and what seemed to be 'drug deals' & possibly pimping.
    I'm not kidding- you see all the 'dregs' of the area congregating at Walmart. Yes, there are people living in poverty in the US as well as many suffering untreated mental illness- money does not grow on trees & health care of any sort (including mental health care) is very expensive. You may have to get on a 'waiting list' about a month long if you want to see a doctor for any 'non emergency' purpose.

  2. Since Walmart is at the bottom of the US retail chain, it does attract the most outrageous customers, but in Connecticut outside NYC where my home is, it also attracts very affluent shoppers since everyone likes a good deal. I have seen obese and shabbily dressed shoppers but never the immodest and weird people that were in the video (that I assume were from much more rural settings). Of course you can find the mentally imbalanced anywhere including NYC. I used to wonder what foreigners would think about those kind of low-class Americans, and then I realized that they cannot be compared to the residents of big cities like Delhi or Mumbai, but rather correspond to the lowest economic level so they are more like the most backward Indians in rural areas. When you think about it that way, then you think that at least they are doing pretty well in the sense that they are definitely eating well (the wrong stuff but more than enough calories!) and can actually participate in the economy unlike many rural Indians who struggle for the basics in life. I now live in Mumbai where 55% of the people live in unofficial housing which most people call slums, although I have now come to understand that many slums are pretty established (although extremely basic) housing. There are however plenty of people living under tarps by the roadside, and these unfortunate people really cannot participate in the economy except to buy some food items. We moved to Mumbai after many years in Shanghai where you can find Carrefour, Walmart and Ikea. They flourish together with all the mom-and-pop stores. Everything is flourishing in China at this point, but of course a slowdown may also be in their future as well. The best advice I got from foreigners already living in India when I moved was to buy up everything I could think I would want before I moved to Mumbai because it is just so much harder for a foreigner to find things. I found it to be really true since the only good comparable shops with a wide range of products around Mumbai are in the suburbs like Hypercity, and I live in South Mumbai where you don't see many shops. I know that eventually all the things I need can be found, but finding them is not obvious for a foreigner.

  3. Oh I know! I've seen much worse on the website. Having traveled to most of the states in the Southern US I've seen some scary things in person. Once I even had a friend see a man flashing women (for my Indian readers that means he revealed his naked self) in Wal-Mart. I've known women to get mooned (shown naked butt) and more. I shudder to think what goes on in the parking lots! I try not to visit Wal-Mart any more than I have to and always early enough in the morning that these type of people are not awake yet lol.

  4. Luckily, I live in a small enough city currently that I have never seen this kind of behavior here either. The worst I've seen here is people in pajama pants. Another city I lived in (one that happens to be almost completely overrun by drugs and gangs) there were men showing naked body parts to everyone in sight a few times. In the largest city I lived in (I've lived in 6 different states in the Southern US) I did see some of the belly hanging out, etc and I lived in the best area of town (Pensacola, FL, upper north east side). That was about 8 years ago though before Wal-Mart started going downhill. These pictures come from all over the US and it's just crazy to see them. I can't imagine why anyone would ever leave the house looking that way! I know white trash people who have more self respect than that.

    Even in a nearby town that locals dub murderville, people don't dress like that. I have no idea where these pictures come from but the trend seems to be slowly spreading.

    I know what foreigners would think of these kind of people. I showed my husband and he was freaking out, saying "omg" and "is that real" and then he didn't believe me when I said yes lol.

    Now that you mention the struggling rural Indians, I can't help but wonder if Wal-Mart will employ the same hiring model in India that they do here. I'm not sure if you know it or not but they give hiring preference to individuals who are struggling financially (not welfare people) and to single moms, seniors on fixed incomes, etc. At least they do in the cities I've lived in. It's a good thing (one of the few good things they do around here). If they do that in India, possibly those struggling rural individuals could greatly benefit from this move. I hadn't thought of that and I'm glad your comment sparked that thought. I think I'm going to be watching to see if they do something for these rural people. I hope they do. That would make me personally feel better about Wal-Mart ---as long as they don't treat employees in India like they do here.

  5. American Punjaban PI-
    From what I've seen of Walmart's hiring practices is that-
    Yes, they do tend to hire single parents & those in financial need.
    Unfortunately most of the positions Walmart usually offers are 'part time' not 'full time' WITHOUT full benefits such as the all important healthcare, or paid sick time etc.
    Thus we have the 'working poor in America'- people that will never get out of the rut of poverty no matter how hard they work.

  6. Oh yes! Thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten all the drama caused by their hiring practices from a few years ago. You're right, even though they hire those in need they make it impossible for them to live off of the money. See what happens when you go without American news for too long - you start forgetting things. :)