Monday, September 3, 2012

The End of Summer

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  Those of you not in the US may be unfamiliar with the US customs that surround Labor Day. In the US Labor Day is a celebration of our workforce, the people who keep America running. It's a national holiday and most businesses (especially government offices) are closed. It's always celebrated on the first Monday in September. This gives them an extra day off throughout the year.

Lots of people get out their grills and cook out with hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and more. There's lots of festivities going on and many of them are family related. That's right, even though this holiday is to celebrate workers, it's just as much about spending time with family.

Some other customs associated with Labor Day are: (And not all of these are still in effect, nor does everyone follow them)
  • Women don't wear white after Labor Day (clothes or shoes)
  • Football season starts (not always on Labor Day, sometimes it's a few days after)
  • Cowboy hats switch from straw to felt 
  • During election years politicians hold special speeches (that includes this year)
What are some other customs you know of or that your family traditionally honors on Labor Day?


  1. I live on coastal waters, so I would add a beach trip to your list! And I am protesting the "no white" rule! I am wearing bright white tomorrow to work just to prove I can! :)

  2. I break the "no white" rule all the time lol. I've always been a rebel and I have a pair of white salwar that is not getting packed up anytime soon. I don't believe in rules that even God doesn't condone and since snow is white and it only falls after Labor Day here in the US, white simply can't be wrong. :D

  3. In a good part of Europe Labour day exists too but it is on the 1st of May :-) though we don't have the traditions of no white and such asociated with it, for most it pretty much signal that Winter has truely left in Switzerland and that the good days of spring are truely there to stay, one of the symbol associated with labour day in Switzerland is wearing a sprig of lily of the valley flower on your your shirt or buying some to put in your home.

  4. Winter white is ok after labor day according to fashion rules - it's white but with almost a little bit of ivory, and it's in your face with things like sweaters, snow boots, etc.

    But you're right; it's an old and outdated rule. No one saves particular colors for particular days anymore. Hairdressers and waiters wear all black every day and no one thinks they're in mourning :)

  5. School used to start right after Labor Day. These days everyone starts mid-August though. I was one of the (lucky?) kids whose birthday fell literally right after the Labor Day cutoff and so got to stay home and play for another year instead of going to school. I was usually the oldest in my class because of this.

  6. Hmmmm. I have noticed the color difference. I'm still glad that rule is not being followed. I love white and there's some spectacular white winter clothes.

  7. There's still a few places where school doesn't start until after Labor Day. It's another subject entirely but I don't like the way they break up the school year and start early now.