Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Recap

Labor Day marks the official end of summer here in the US. Most families take one last mini-vacation for the holiday because it's the last time they will get to spend time together without work or school interfering. I opted not to go anywhere because I've traveled enough lol. This is the list of what all I did this summer. (I got home in late May.)

  • 22 Flight segments which helped me rack up quite a bit of frequent flyer miles
  • Took 3 car trips
  • Visited 10 different relatives in 6 different states 
  • Stayed in 5 different hotels 
  • Ate at 30+ different restaurants (I lost count lol)
  • Drove 7 different cars (rental cars rule!) Here's a few pics of the cars I drove.
This is an old Police Interceptor lol. I LOVED having this car on that particular day. The best part....traffic around me didn't realize I wasn't a cop so they all drove like they knew what they were doing lol. No one got in my way, no one cut me off and no one tried to run me over. Amazingly enough everyone that was around me was doing the speed limit and only one car passed me the whole time I had it. LMFAO. That was priceless. (It got amazingly good gas mileage btw, I only used 2 gallons of gas and drove well over 150 miles inside of the city!)

US travel and rental cars
This was a 2002 Mazda 6. It still had 30 day tags on it and it barely had over 3000 miles when I picked it up. Can you believe I rented this for $22 a day after taxes! Oh yeah! It drove really well.

If you haven't seen some of the pictures I took over the summer then you should visit my Facebook page. I've been posting pictures of the states from this and previous trips there. I also have some pictures from my travels through India. Lots of great sites and if you ever intend to travel to the US you can get some vacation ideas from them. While you're there, take a minute to "Like" my page and receive updates every time I post to the blog.

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