Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mail Call

I have the most interesting mail in the world. Y'all should all be jealous. Just kidding obviously...those 2 sentences reek of sarcasm by the way. There's plenty more sarcasm coming in this post.

I posted about a year ago about FIL was going to open my mail. That issue got settled quickly. While I was in India I had my US mail forwarded to my mother. My step-father got all kinds of fussy because he "wasn't running a motel" and had too much mail coming to the house.

So one of the first things I did after coming home was to get a post office box to send my mail there. It is the only piece of privacy I have and as it turns out was a good thing to get. I still have a few things coming to my mom's house for various reasons but I'm working toward sending everything to the box.

This has not gone unnoticed and mail is becoming an issue. I had Netflix movies coming to the house so I could get them faster and such. Well my step-father just decided that I didn't need to get the movies until after he had watched them. Guess who cancelled their Netflix account for now? (Yep, more sarcasm in that question.)

Then this morning I got the lesson of my life. I was standing in the kitchen and my mom was gathering trash to take out and we were having random conversation. In walks my step-father and starts up some discussion, I don't remember what. Then he chimes in and says to me "oh, and if you want me to be nicer then y'all need to stop sneaking around."

Dumbfounded I asked him how we were sneaking around? He insisted we were and I challenged him to provide me 1 thing we had done that was sneaky. He said that we got a post office box to keep the mail from coming to the house.


I promptly snapped back that I'm old enough that I don't need permission to get a post office box and that it was him who said I should get one because I had too much mail coming to the house.

Now,  I'm sure you're all thinking this was no big deal and by itself it wasn't. But my step-father has been acting odd over the mail lately. For example, for the last 20 years he's checked the mail on the way into the house by pulling the car over at the mailbox before he turns into the drive way. Now all of a sudden he's parking first and then walking down to check the mail (as if to make sure no one sees it before he goes through it). He also will pitch a fit if anyone checks the mail but him, including my mom. So who's sneaking around?

Guess who won't be closing their post office box? That's right. I have about 3 times more mail coming to me now anyway and it's none of his business. Just because I live there doesn't mean I have to grant him access to my mail and let him see all I'm getting. (Shhh...I ordered tons of crap online lol and lots of free samples because I'm super bored. He got jealous last time I received packages at the house.)

So see, for some reason people just seem to like my mail. I understand FIL getting excited about the mail I got in India and wanting to make sure it was the right letter. He didn't open anything and I let that go after I fussed about it. But this thing with my step-father is just ridiculous. I'm not his foster kid and he doesn't get paid to monitor every aspect of my life. I'm drawing the line at going through my mail. End of discussion.

On a funny note, he's actually held my mail up to the sun to try to see inside of it without opening it. Wow. That's all I'm saying.

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