Sunday, September 16, 2012

Katikomindicaphobia and a Fear of Indians

If you're like me, you've never heard of the phobia that is the title of this post. I probably never would have heard of it had a family member not been bored and randomly googling for anything unusual. They stumbled upon a website that list all kinds of phobias. Let me share a few that directly relate to desi culture.

*Keep in mind that these are actual phobias, not the misused terms that end in phobia people tend to use to describe ignorance about a subject (like homophobia, islamaphobia, etc.)

Katikomindicaphobia is the fear of the resident non-Indian.

I NEVER experienced this being a non-Indian and living in India. I am curious if any of my non-Indian readers ever experienced it or saw it or has knowledge of someone who has this fear.

Mikatikoindicaphobia is the fear of the Non-resident Indian (NRI).

This fear is also strange to me. I can understand fearing people but not because of their race or having any type of blanket fear like this. (Okay, you got me. I CAN understand the fear of spiders and other creepy critters.)

Then of course after finding these, I had to look further....because I saw on the website that there is a legitimate fear of Chinese and Japanese people. Yes, apparently there is a fear of Indians as well. The only thing I found about it was on some website that was ridiculous though. It was some doctor wanting to help you with your fear but I can honestly say it's not a doctor I would ever see. The website wasn't professional and well, I don't have a fear of Indians lol.

Other websites I saw were using the phrase "fear of Indians" for dramatic effect or were not reputable websites. I found one CNN page that wouldn't load so maybe there is a legitimate fear after all but I can't confirm it. 

I honestly believe I know someone who has a fear of Indians. Of course, this particular person has other mental health issues. They tend to come up with some extreme ideas and thoughts about Indians. This person even told me once that they believed that if anyone in India found out who he was they would kill his whole family ---and he was no one important. He meant it in the sense that he believed Indians were all extremist out to kill his kind. This is obviously an irrational fear.

*I am not a psychiatrist, I did not diagnose this person. That last paragraph states my opinion of their irrational behavior and statements.

Have any of you ever seen any of these phobias in anyone you know? 

For more unusual phobias check out this link at Psychology World.


  1. Good grief! Definitely sounds mentally I'll!

  2. Hmmm that is really sad. I'm thinking that these might be more specialized forms of xenophobia. I hope that person you know gets the help they need one day. I'm in nursing but psychology is my first love. Always fascinating the things the human mind can come up with to go wrong.

  3. Oh yes ma'am he certainly is! (I'm not being mean, he's legally diagnosed with another mental disorder. Just not one that would excuse this kind of thinking.)

  4. I can't find the root words for these at all. I assume they're Greek but had no luck with katikom- or kati- or mi- ... I guess they'd code as 300.29 Specific phobia with a subtype of Other. Wonder if other ethnicities are also included? It seems more like a form of xenophobia than anything else, which is also a specific phobia but also has a dual use/meaning in a social sense as does Islamophobia, homophobia, etc.

    Sorry, I'm a nerd. If you find anything out about this, do post a reply as I am horribly curious!

  5. Yes ma'am they are specific phobias. There were also Japanese and Chinese specifically listed. I will definitely post if I find anything reputable. So far, I hadn't found much other than this website and a few others who copied the list. I'm surprised that most of the countries America has been at war with previously weren't listed. I would think those countries would incite fear (like what we saw after 9/11) but no one has named them specifically yet.