Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jatt and Juliet

I don't normally do movie reviews here but I think I'm going to start. I watch a LOT of Hindi, Punjabi and other Indian movies. Mostly mainstream but there's a ton I've seen that cross all genre's. The most recent was Jatt and Juliet. I'm reviewing it because most of the girls in the pardesi community love movies that have mixed race couples in them. Actually, if you know of such a movie, leave me a comment here. I am starting a page to list these for everyone to find more easily. I can link to your review on your blog if you send it to me.

I should warn you, I watch movies for the mindless entertainment. With the exception of reading the subtitles I could care less about the logistics of which actor/actress is playing which part or the difference in the ages of two stars in the movie. I don't usually notice the negative undertones, etc. This will not be a scholarly, movie buff type review, just my take on the movie.

This is a Punjabi movie and one of the first things I noticed was the characters. The female lead was a typical Punjabi woman. Focused on her studies, had her life planned out and not interested in any distractions - especially not an unruly young man. The male lead cracked me up. He talks to his biceps frequently throughout the movie and it's hilarious. Then there's Shampy. Poor thing, I felt bad for him but it did add quite a bit of humor to the movie every time he got slapped.

While I spent a good part of the movie laughing, I got really disgusted when the male lead starts dating a white Canadian woman just for the green card. He was willing and ready to marry her up until the moment he realized she wasn't a Canadian citizen and then he promptly dumped her. I know green card marriages happen, I'm not naive but this was blatantly disrespectful and highlighted and ugly side of desi culture.

I have yet to meet anyone personally who did this but I was approached by a Punjabi once who wanted to marry me just for a green card and I know other girls who were propositioned this way as well. None of them encountered anything like in the movie. The male and female lead both worked overtime to trick this woman into thinking he loved her and when it came time to plan the wedding he found out she wasn't a citizen and got up fussing about it and said he wouldn't marry her. It was just disgusting.

Barring that one part, the movie was funny. I noticed several typical Punjabi behaviors. Like when two people had an argument, they were able to get past it and move on in a way similar to what I saw while living in Amritsar. They used and abused each other just like I've seen Punjabi's do as well. And just like any movie, there were some very unrealistic parts.

By the end of the movie I didn't know if I wanted to laugh at, slap or throw up at the male lead lol. He was such an ass yet so funny at the same time. He reminded me of several men I met in Amritsar lol. Extremely childish in some ways and very responsible in others. Both lead characters were self-serving, demanding and manipulative.

So if you can get past the green card scam mid-movie then I think this movie is worth watching.

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