Monday, September 17, 2012

Is He Cheating? Or Did an Idiot Get His Phone?

Indians are notorious for loaning out their stuff  and helping each other out. This includes letting friends use their cell phones and setting up email acocunts for friends. They don't always use real information setting up these accounts because they either don't know it or they don't care. I've seen hubby make several of these and he gets random emails asking him to verify the new account.

This is not typical in the US. It happens I'm sure but overall we're very protective and possessive over our material items. Many children are even taught from the time they are little not to loan out their valuables.

When they loan out their phone, their friends often send text messages to the people in their contact list. (This also happens when phones are stolen.) The text messages may not always be G-rated and some are down right awful. A Facebook friend recently became the unfortunate victim of such attack.

I've known Indians to loan out iPhones, laptops, tablets, etc. without ever thinking about all the information they have stored on them. Some wipe their information from the device before loaning it out. Hubby keeps all of his information stored on his SIM card and then he simply removes the card so his data stays protected. Of course, when these items are stolen, you don't know to erase the information first.

Things like this can certainly cause alarm if you're a nosy girlfriend, overprotective spouse, etc. I know I was really concerned the first time hubby got one of those "confirm this account" emails. This may just be an American woman thing but many of us tend to be naturally suspicious.

I had a friend once who almost kicked her husband out for then night when he got a spam message saying something about how he had recently been in contact with some woman she didn't know. Turns out, it was his friends who had some emails sent to his account. They admitted to it and the matter was cleared but can you imagine being a woman and finding an email from a female friend to your husband when you've never heard of that woman before?

So maybe the word "Idiot" in the title of this blog is a harsh word but people in every country like to prank their friends in ways like this and I think that word sums up the misuse of a persons phone in this manner.

Have you ever had one of those moments where your significant other got a strange email or that you got messages from someones one and it wasn't them that sent it at all? Leave me a comment about it.


  1. There are two sides to this coin in India, the loaning out thing. In my experience of what I've observed with my husband, many times the loaning is a one-way street and not reciprocated by his so-called friends and sometimes relatives. He has had people take his motor bike without permission, sometimes with, wreck it, or drive it around until there's no fuel left and never offer to fill it up again or give a little money, and these are people who have their own bikes too; borrow large sums of money and never pay it back (which is stealing basically); borrow clothing and return it after many weeks dirty and ruined. A friend of his loaned a watch to another friend, even though this watch was an expensive gift from his girlfriend, because this man would not stop bothering him about borrowing it. Then re refused to give it back!! so the friend had to sneak into this guy's house and take it out of his bedroom in order to get it back.
    From what I've seen, Indians are very much "what is mine, is mine but what is yours is also mine."

  2. I have a real problem with this aspect of Indian culture.
    My husband does things like 'loan' his driver's license out to far flung 'cousins' who have been involved with the police before. Usually the police 'involvement' hasn't been for anything like a felony but has resulted in a night in jail for the so called 'cousin'. I think I've finally convinced husband this isn't a really 'smart' idea if we ever decide to immigrate to a 'western' country & some misdeed of one of these 'cousins' shows up on his record.
    The money lending with 'optional' repayment has got to end too, we are NOT a 'charity'.
    We've had problems with jewelry being 'borrowed' & never returned with family members too, in fact we didn't get the platinum & diamond wedding band I bought for my husband (which he let one of his male 'cousins' try on) for 6 months.
    The cousin who 'borrowed' the platinum wedding band kept insisting he did not need to return it as it couldn't possibly be very expensive.
    Come to think of it my mother-in-law is wearing 2 ruby rings my husband designed & made for me, she just wanted to 'try' them on too. That was 2 years ago.
    Oh well, what ya gonna do?

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  4. Yes! I've seen this same thing. I had to get after hubby about it a few times when he tried to loan out my stuff. Things that were taken from my room without my permission were never seen again and he told me "these are little, little things" and I was like um....NO! They were mine lol. Yes, I went completely postal over 2 missing Sharpie highlighters and I'm not ashamed to admit it. No one took anything else from my room after that lol.

  5. Yeah I know, they don't let you put up a fight. Of course, you can always pick it up if it's ever lying in their rooms and not give it back. Then they can't say anything to you. This loaner system really is troublesome and doesn't really work for me either. I locked up my cabinet when I left, took most of my valuables with me and then hid the key where no one will look lol. Sad, but necessary.

  6. Hahaha! Nice. Was that guy going to borrow her dress too? Just kidding. Thanks for sharing.