Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yoga is Harder in the US?

At least it seems that way. I must admit I got a little out of practice over the summer because I was too busy to take an hour out of my day. Now that things are slowing down I decided to just start over. OMG. I really must say I'm having some difficulty here.

I'm doing the exact same program, in the exact same order. The only difference is I had a yoga mat on a marble tile floor (or my bed) in India and here I'm just on the carpet. Keep in mind I have allergies here that I didn't have in India. I'm taking allergy medicines but it just may not be enough.

Here's some things I've noticed:

  • I can't lay on my side and lift my top leg straight up. I feel like I'm falling (you know the same sensation you get when you sit in an office chair and lean back and it goes too far).
  • Doing inverted poses makes me dizzy and then I get a tension headache in the back of my head. 
  • My muscles are much tighter here in the US than they were in India. I can't confirm whether or not this has anything to do with being on the treadmill on the days I'm not doing yoga but I know my shoulders are tighter as well so it could be. (I swing my arms while walking.
  • I can't lie on my back with my arms spread wide while I have one leg bent like tree pose and then twisted to one side. This caused a severe pain in my left shoulder between the ball of my shoulder and my chest.
  • I do not take in nearly as much breath on the left side of my nose as I do the right. (This is after taking allergy medicine.) 

I still like yoga. The best thing about yoga is that you don't need to be perfect, you don't have to master your form. There's a lot of leeway in completing most of the positions, postures, etc. It gives you ample time and room to work with any specific needs of your own body while learning to do them better with each session.

When I had that severe pain, I simply adjusted the position of my arm so it was not such a strain on my shoulder. I still completed the exercise, my arms were still open, I just wasn't laying in a perfectly symmetrical position. I've got to work on the leg issue. It feels very unnerving to do the pose and constantly feel like I'm falling over. This has to be an inner ear issue.

Those of you who do yoga, have you noticed any differences like this?
Were there any changes after you moved to another home, city, state or country?


  1. I haven't done regular yoga workouts in years. I do pilates these days when I feel like it.
    Maybe your body is trying to keep up with your new exercise routine and your muscles are strenghtening whcih makes yoga a bit harder to get into? Try adding some stretching moves to your workout regimen, especially after a treadmil session or a good walk, stretching the core muscles rather than just the legs. I found the best way to relax and stretch my back after a long walk or long periods of being on my feet is simply to bend forward letting my arms dangle down

  2. That's one of the poses that's on the yoga series. It has a warm-up and stretching session at the beginning. I'm starting to think my thyroid is working against me right now. I don't intend to let it win lol.