Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shoop ba-doop ba-doop ba-doop

This is one of those times I can't help but laugh at myself. In a good way though.

My next mini-vacay is to visit my brother. This morning I caught myself singing and dancing (80's style - think Salt N' Pepa's Shoop ) in the shower. Um....do y'all remember 80's style dancing! Picture yourself dancing like that real quick and you'll know why I laughed at myself. lol. When I caught myself it dawned on me how long it's been since I did that. I haven't been singing and dancing for a while.

I know I stopped shortly after moving to India. I did sing for my in-laws a few times but that was it. I quit even listening to music after a while. I just lost all joy in it. I've listened to a little bit of music since I've been back home but not much. I've either been too busy with other people or I just didn't feel motivated.

Going to my brothers means having music wars. That's where we crank up 80's Music and try to see who can name the song and band. There's no winner, we just laugh our asses off when a memory strikes and one of us does something totally stupid looking (by today's standards) or something like that. It's hilarious and I'm sure all the neighbors hate us. We've been known to blast some crazy stuff....like Funky Cold Medina and the Blow Monkeys. By the time we get into it good neither one of is sure we're even blasting 80's and 90's music anymore. Some of it's from the 70's or earlier.
I'm obviously super excited about seeing my brother. I used to visit him every summer but I couldn't do that from India. A trip home wouldn't be the same without seeing my bro! I can hardly wait. I bought him a means suit, I can't wait to get pictures. Can you imagine a big white man in an Indian suit dancing 80's style??? Hahahahahahahaha

Oh, I should also mention he's covered in tattoos. He's a tattoo artist and I will be getting a new tattoo as well. It's part of every trip. I'll share some pictures when I come back. This one is going on my leg and I can't tell you what it looks like because he hasn't drawn it for me yet. I'm going to have a blast!
With that, I'm going to leave you with some pictures of a few of my favorite 'hair bands' hahahahaha. I used to have their photos taped all over my walls. Back when magazines had tons of free posters in them. I put them all up like wall paper. They wore more make-up than Tammy Faye Baker. Oops....did I just say that.

How many of these guys can you name?? I don't just mean the band, I'm talking stage names or real names. 

 Did you all know Dee Snider is coming out with Strangeland 2 soon?? I can't wait!


  1. It is so good to hear that you are dancing and singing again!
    I love the pic....gawd did we ever look ridiculous back then, and we were thinking we were soooooo  hot n sexy with the big hair , tons of eyeliner and sparkly tight clothes. lmao. Gotta love that time and the music though, I was just listening to Kajagoogoo yesterday! Have fun with your Bro!

  2. hey Kristy

    Its Gill. Just Remembered that I used to read a great blog :) So, after a long time I decided to visit. Your blog was not available earlier. I Have not read many new posts but from whatever I can see I am sure you are relaxing and your break is going fine. Say hi to your family and have a nice time there.


  3. I know! I used to tease my bangs and I'm sure I wore a boufant more than a few times. I'm loving the 80's music!! hahahaha.

  4. I remember you. I did take the blog down for a little while. It's back up now, just gotta fix some older posts where the pictures aren't working anymore. I am having fun, you've missed some good posts. You can see the drop down archive list and look for titles of interest to you when you have free time. I've made some interesting realizations since being here and there are more coming. Glad to have you back!