Friday, August 10, 2012

"Let's Be 'Tight' For the Boys" - an Only in India Moment

The title of this post comes from this article:

Now, I have to admit that when I first saw this title I immediately thought it was some racist or gori-hate crap. I was dead wrong. It's worse. Much worse. It's more propaganda crap from those morons who don't understand the value of natural beauty.

Brown skin protects you. Not just because it's brown but what makes it brown is what is protecting you in India. Those pigments are valuable you should treat them as such. That's right, this commercial is another in a long line of vagina whitening products. Only this one lets you whiten it and shrink it at the same time. WHICH I FIND EXTRA SCARY!

You think about that. You want to bleach an area of your body where you're supposed to avoid any kind of chemicals, strong soaps, etc. Even the slightest change down there causes infections, yeast build-up and many other problems. It's not an area you want to mess with. Yet some (quite certainly male) idiot has come up with the brilliant idea that women should now lighten it and unsuspecting women may actually believe him. They may truly believe that sex will be better. Says who? I'm guessing the man that invented this wasn't even big enough to fit into the stereotype of Asian men (penis size).

It's probably some man who used his hand way too much and now can't handle the natural pleasure. I wonder if he ever thought that a vagina naturally stretches with use because it's better. Think about that. Things don't get worse with age, they get better with age. Like fine wine or hard liquor. People pay a fortune for aged wines.

I think women in India need to start a campaign to teach men that there is far more pleasure to be experienced with a woman who knows what she's doing. Or better yet, they need a whitening cream that plumps up the man. After all, he seems to be the one with the problem right? I've never heard lesbians complain that their lovers vagina was too pliable for their fingers to work.

Anyway, I didn't start this just to rant on how ridiculous this cream is. Someone needs to educate Indian women on how dangerous creams like this are. Not medically. That's easy to understand. But what about mentally. Think about that for a moment. Let me give you a scenario.

A mother of 3 beautiful little girls purchases this cream. She secludes it well from her children but one accidentally finds it one day. She asks her mother about it. How can the mother explain? She either has to avoid it which lets the child know it's shameful to be dark down there (which a child cannot fathom the way an adult would) or she has to explain it and then the girl clings to moms idea that dark skin is bad. The girl becomes self-concious and overly observant of her body parts - a part that, according to tradition, only one man will see for the rest of her life.

Even if she does wind up having sex before marriage the experience could be permanently disastrous for her. How? Well we all know how cruel teenagers can be so let's assume she sleeps with some boy who said he loved her. She's a little dark but he says nothing because he doesn't want to ruin his chances of getting what he came for. Then afterward he decides to dump her and makes the comment about she's too dark for him.  ----- Just think of the mental torture that girl is going to suffer now. Her self-esteem lowers and now she's distraught over having been lied to and manipulated, possibly heart broken and depressed because she did love the boy.

Girl goes out and buys cream, which is shameful in the first place to her. Hides it in her room and misuses it. (You know teens rarely read directions.) She puts on too much, it causes problems and she can't tell anyone so they can take her to the doctor. After a while it heals up or goes back to normal but the chemical damage has already been done.

Here's a better idea. If your wife is self-concious about her darkened vaginal area then help her exercise or lose weight. The darkness comes from the extra skin that is there. Womens bodies naturally expand during childbirth, it takes the skin a long time to go away. Speed up the process by helping your wife in a natural, healthy way. There is NO bad effects to exercise. She will feel good about herself, she will be naturally beautiful and the skin will tighten back up naturally with no risk of disease, over-exposure to chemicals or skin damage. YES, there are exercises for vaginas. Google "kegel" and you'll see just how it all works.

The whole world - not just India - needs to stop this self-hatred cycle. Every single person in this world is made naturally beautiful. They just need to learn how to love and enhance what they already have and stop trying to force themselves to be whiter or darker, etc. While there are very few studies on the damaging effects of skin bleaching, it only stands to reason that any body modification has lasting results. Here's some research that is available.
CBC News: Acclaimed skin-whitening studies from Ottawa raise racism concerns

If you encourage your wife to try and be white, you're no better than the white supremacist who are all over the news this week. 
Skin Bleaching and White Supremacy


  1. this is so horrible ... it makes me feel like puke ... my day is spoiled today ...

  2. Sorry to spoil your day. But at the same time I'm glad you (seemingly) agree that things like this cream are horrible. I just wish that Indian women would revolt against it and stop creams like this from being marketed. I feel sad for the children who become exposed to these messages.

  3. >{
    wish that Indian women would revolt against it }

    revolt is not on the menu

    most indian young girls are remarkably less worldly conscious than i want them to be (men are only slightly better if at all, but i am not talking about them). they take in all the crap about racism/casteism/superstition/astrology/homoeopathy/alternates/crapo-pathy/etc/etc with a zeal i have only seen a fish for water. when i was in school - which now seems like 100 years back - i was quite optimistic about the future of India, relying on the new generation (which was my generation) just about to enter adulthood. i couldn't have been more wrong.
    frankly speaking i am quite horrified by the ignorance of most indian youngsters (and particularly females) and ppl of my generation ... most of them are utterly ignorant of history/politics/science and especially science. some of their questions baffle me to the point of toppling over. a few years back one of them once asked me - how many world wars there have been - i cant tell you how stunning that still sounds to me.
    coming to the females ... most indian parents just do not let go of their daughters ... they simply cannot grant them any independence ... the girls in turn equate independence solely to sneakily defying parents' diktats. thus they get a totally wrong idea of independence. (some of the female friends i deeply care about are of this type and it breaks my heart). and then they would probably get beholden to an equally obsessive control freak husband, chosen for precisely such characteristics by either their godly parents or by the girls themselves. in time they would probably seek "independence" by slyly defying husband's diktats.
    i feel this dictatorial control of girl's lives is a major reason of their ignorance. the control becomes internalized and then they dont read ... they dont listen ... they dont think ... they dont interact ... they just refuse to look outside their bottled up world.

    if such ppl do not buy this tighetning wonder lotion, i'll be damned ... depressing as it sounds, i am sure those gel makers have got their cash calculations quite right.

  4. Interesting. A lot of Americans feel the same way about younger generations. I've made some of those same realizations as you about our future here. Let's pray we're both wrong...though with the current state of the world economy, I'm guessing we're right. Ugh.