Monday, August 27, 2012

I Have Always Been a Feminist

It's amazing to me the way a small child can exhibit a distinct personality when it's only a few days or weeks old. While children learn as they grow up, there are a lot of traits we are born with. NO, I'm not getting into a gay/lesbian debate here.My personal beliefs are not up for debate and this blog isn't about discussing other peoples personal lifestyles - that's their business not mine and I don't judge people.

I was looking through some of my mom's photo albums (she has over 200!! OMG) the other day and ran across some of my childhood pictures. I was laughing really hard too because there was one in particular that stood out. I can't post it here because it's very inappropriate and my blog is not the place for it.

I was standing on the back stairs at my great grandmothers house and I was about 5 years old. I had the biggest smile, pig tails out to the side of my head and a pair of plain pink shorts on. That's it. Notice what was missing? My shirt!

To hear my mom tell it I had told her that I wasn't going to wear one. It was hot and boys didn't have to wear a shirt in the summer time so I wasn't going to either. LOL. See what growing up with an older brother teaches you? So there I stood in this picture happy as could be that I got away with something I thought was inappropriate lol.

That attitude seems to have stayed with me throughout life. I can and will do whatever I want whether it's considered boy work or not. I've mowed the grass, fixed the car, washed the dishes and decorated the house. I've been the driver while going out and I will be the driver again when hubby and I get our car. He can't drive lol. And I know how to drive a stick shift (manual transmission, 5 speed, etc.) just as well as an automatic. I can cook and clean and I can also be a couch potato.

It's awesome. I think maybe this feminist ideal that was in my mind long before I knew what a feminist was carried through with me to India. Maybe that's why I had some of the troubles adjusting that I had. I know I had several debates with hubby about why he wasn't going to do something he had told me I couldn't do. Lol.

Sometimes I feel sorry for hubby but then I remember he's actually a great match for me. He doesn't take my crap and I don't take his. He's very flexible in making adjustments to everything he's learned about male/female roles and willing to learn new ways. He's quite unique and so am I. So we work well together and we support each other on all of these things.

How about you? Are your a feminist or are you more traditional? How have your ideals helped you adjust to your intercultural marriage?


  1. I have friends who have toddlers all born the same month as my daughter online, and it always puzzles me that in US it is considered horrible to have a 3 year old girl wearing no t-shirt. In Switzerland no one raise an eyebrow at even a girl being in a swimming trunk with nothing on top until close to 5-6 years old.
    My daughter is very often roaming around the home with nothing but her panties or a diaper on. And I have pictures of myself as a 7 year old wearing just shorts and no tops too. And I know that in some other European countries people think the same as the Swiss do. But apparently a lot of modern day parents in the US seem to totally freak out at the thought of their 3-4 years old gilrs running around in just!

  2. Oh and are stick shifts considered boy cars in the States? They are pretty much the norm in Switzerland and few people have automatic gearbox cars so we all learned to balance the clutch and gas pedal at age 18 LOL

  3. Yes we do tend to freak out. I can't speak for all of the US but I've lived in 6 states on the east coast and all of them were conservative states where girls don't run around like that past the age of 2 and then it's typically only inside of the home. I grew up on a very strict, conservative family and area as well. I think that is why I acted like that over going shirtless at that age.

  4. I wouldn't say a stick shift is considered a boy car but it is mostly boys that drive them. They're not even common anymore and sometimes you have to pay extra to get them. Most people prefer automatic cars. I like both kinds.

  5. I don't often see any boys or girls go shirtless outside anymore at even the young ages. Both boys and girls have swimsuits that cover their tops and bottoms. They are rash guards to help prevent sunburns. In Seattle anyway which is a completely liberal place. I haven't been to many public places outside of the grocery stores since moving to Texas but I will be on the look out now for a double standard that I'm sure does exist.