Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hot and Cold

I blogged a while back about being so excited when the family installed a hot water geyser for me in my Indian home. Well. I'm writing today to tell you now why I think I should have skipped asking for that.

I managed through the winter without a geyser the first year. Looking back things always become clearer. Those of you who have followed me for a while may remember me mentioning how my skin had gotten healthier. Well, now I'm almost convinced that had a LOT to do with cold water. I'm learning that cold water is actually better for you to shower in for a lot of reasons.

My brother has also been showering in cold water only here in the US. Winter or summer doesn't matter. He has high blood pressure and has found that the cold water soothes the body temperature spikes that he has. He has also noticed - yep, you guessed it - better skin since he started using cold water.

And me??

Well, I went right back to my hot showers when I got home. Not nearly as hot as I used to take and I'm cooling them down more and more each day. I don't have the same desire for hot water that I used to have. I no longer need that hot shower first thing in the morning. I wake up sometimes and don't shower till a couple hours after breakfast. My morning starts off just fine.

That's not all. I have excessively dry skin because of my thyroid anyway. However, since being back and taking hot showers it has gotten really bad. This is something I had before and am only now just realizing that it wasn't an issue in India.

It's not been easy to think about taking cold showers again yet because I'm still cold lol. I had a hoodie on today actually. It was 72F/22C. I think about cooling the water down each morning but I haven't made it back to cold showers yet.

Hubby has fantastic skin. I hadn't spoiled him completely on hot showers yet anyway. His idea of hot seems cold to me hahaha. Poor boy says the water burns his skin when I turned it on for him in India. I can only imagine how horrified he would be here where the temperatures get much hotter.

I'm a little apprehensive about going to all cold water showers. I mean, the temperature gets so freaking cold here in the winter. Our temperatures drop down to around -7F/-21C at least 2 or 3 days out of every winter. As the weather outside drops, the temperature of the water in the pipes drop. I'm not sure I wouldn't get sick taking a cold shower in temperatures like that. I'm pretty sure I'll be taking mildly warm showers by then.

I haven't personally seen them but I did decide to do some research about cold water showers for you all. Would love to hear your thoughts about cold/hot water showers. I really like this first article. I find it intriguing that a cold shower actually relieves depression.

Cold Showers vs. Hot Showers
21 Health Benefits of a Cold Shower


  1. That makes sense really, afterall too hot water would be like getting cooked, can't be good for the body.
    I don't like cold showers though, but I don't like steaming hot ones either, I think mine is more of a as close as possible to body temperature shower.
    My skin actually feel better when the outdoor temperature is hot, in winter, and yup even the mild Mumbai weather it's tearing sensation dry, always has been since childhood, in Switzerland I thought it could be the constant shift from hot inside and cold outside, Geneva was humid enough not to see any change in the humidity level. In India homes are almost the same temp as outside in the winter, so really now I don't know what that could be, but the only face cream bringing some relief to my cheeks is Ponds Age Miricale, no other bring me as much relief. For the body I need something containing some butter of somekind to keep it from pulling mad.

  2. It does make sense. I'm not sure why I never cared to notice before. It was probably what always aggravated my skin and it just took a trip to India to make me see that. Of course, I've always said I can be slow sometimes. I have to want to pay attention to find this stuff out. :P