Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Raksha Bandhan Mera Praa

I haven't missed a single Raksha Bandhan since I met hubby. This year is no different but I had to do things a little different than previous years.

I've never met my BIL in person. We've spoken on the phone once, over yahoo twice and that's about it I think. We say hello through family conversations. Still, since the first year I was with hubby I've made it a point to always participate in Raksha Bandhan.

For those of you new to the Hindu or Punjabi lifestyle, Raksha Bandha is a holiday where a sister ties a band of protection, called a rakhi around her brothers wrist. As with any holiday, this has expanded through the years to tying rakhi's on brother-in-laws wrist, male friends who are like brothers to you and in some cases nephews, cousins, etc. Just like the American Christmas, it is somewhat over-marketed.

You can read more about the holiday here.

Where I live in the US there are virtually no Indian products available. The closest Indian store is an hour away. Closest Indian restaurant is about 30 minutes. There are Indians living on the same road as me and my foster sister just quit working for an Indian-owned local business. But that's about as Indian as this place gets.

I was not going to be deterred. In years past, I've made my own rakhi to send to BIL. This year I'm just so freaking busy and tired I couldn't get it done in time. So I had to figure out an alternative. I got lucky. Hallmark Hoops & Yoyo   had a cute musical card that almost fit the holiday perfectly.

I was for any random day but it came with a bracelet and the song they sang said "if you can't remember just look at your wrist" as if the bracelet was there as a reminder. It was pretty close to the theme. I then added a personal letter to BIL with my wishes for his upcoming year and a brief explanation of why I didn't hand make the card and bracelet.

I hope you all are enjoying your Raksha Bandhan this year. Celebrate the relationships you have and nourish each and every one. I feel fortunate to have a BIL and brother that I can share the holiday with. (My brother is a Hare Krishna.)

Rakshan Bandhan Cards

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  1. Happy Rakshabandhan to you Kristy.

    This day has many sweet memories of my childhood ... one of my earliest
    memories are of this day ... i was about 2 and my sister a year older
    ... (i can remember my age coz my younger sis who is 2.5 yrs younger was
    not yet born) ... and i have a photo of that day -  me with a rakhi on
    my hand with a piece of fruit in my hand and my sis sitting beside me
    ... this is one of my most cherished pic. 
    see my today's pic ... i live away from my home so my sisters sent me the rakhi by post and i a friend tied to to me. 

  2. It's great you have those memories and photos. What a cute story to go with it. I can't see your picture though.

    I imagine my BIL does the same thing, has someone tie the rakhi's for him. Being away from home it's the little things like that which mean the most.

  3. DH always used to exchange gift with his cousin as he has no sister, in India first cousins are always considered like siblings it seems.
    We always forget to send rakhi to our 3 nephews on behalf of our daughter though, and DH never said a thing about SIL and BIL exchanging anything on rakshabandhan, so we don't do it.
    My daughter had a rakshabandhan party in school yesterday where everybody got a rakhi tied to their wrist and candies, the teacher all made the rakhi themselves with craft supplies. The purpose of the party was to teach all kids about the festival more than a brother-sister bond thing.

  4. see this URL on your browser --  either by copy paste or by clicking

  5. Oh yes cousins and siblings are equivalent in India. My sisters also tied rakhi to my cousins and my cousin sis also tied rakhi to me.

  6. It's a big deal in our family but then so are a lot of holidays. We host all kinds of things for several holidays. Chachi even drives a couple of hours away to tie the rakhi on her brothers. It's cute the teachers made their own rakhi's to give the kids.

  7. Very nice! Will you be away from home for long?

  8. i remember in my primary class we used to do the same ... we made rakhi ourselves with paper and a thread and the girls tied it to us.

  9. very nice raksha bandhan notes...

  10. Would love to hear more about your brother the Hare Krishna!

  11. I'm going to see him soon so I'm sure you'll hear more then!