Monday, July 23, 2012

Strolling Down Memory Lane

Memories are funny creatures. They stick with us, tucked into the back corner of our mind and we only realize they are there when something triggers them. I'm fortunate that I have memories from two different countries and many phases of my life.

I got reminded of India today. Lol, for a while I laughed about it and joked about having brought India home with me. We had a really bad thunderstorm and at one point there was a flash of light, like a camera flash, and a popping sound. Then the power went out. (That's the Indian part...power cuts lol.) I got a little nostalgic.

With nothing else to do, mom and I decided to go through our shed today so I could see what all I had left out there. It was exciting. I had forgotten about all the things I stored here over the years. I built the shed on my mothers property for the sole purpose of storing my stuff and over time, she's just taken over all the space I wasn't using. It's worked out to both our advantage.

I found a jewelry box that belonged to my great-grandmother. I lived with this great-grandmother when I was younger and helped my grandmother take care of her. I also found a Garfield (yes, the orange cat who loves lasagna!) candle in mint condition. It's dated 1981 and it too belonged to my grandmother. I have good memories and bad memories of living with her. Well, mostly good. My only bad memory was of her taking her last breath. It's an overly emotional subject for me even now, 23 years later, and it's something I would never recommend a child witness.

I also found a working Nintendo Gameboy SP, a Robosapien and Nsect (robotic toys are awesome!). I found a touch sensitive table lamp that also belonged to my great-grandmother and my great uncle's china set. He left it to me when he passed away. All these memories came flooding back of my childhood and the happy memories I had growing up.

I found pictures that use to hang on my wall and old trophies. I didn't make it through everything because it was starting to sprinkle and the building seems to be infested with widows! Yeah, so not going through that thing again until we bomb it. We only saw males and if my memory serves me correctly they are not the deadly ones but where there's a male, there must be a female (considering the male eats the female, I know there would be one looking for her dinner right? Lol.)

I'm hoping that over time I'll be able to look back and have some of these same moments thinking about India. I know some fun things happened there and over time most negative memories tend to fade. There will always be some memories that stand out in my mind but I can't help but wonder if I will have mementos to go through and think back to the good times. I hope so.

What are some of your favorite memories from home? What about from your desi partners home? What do you love the most about having fond memories?


  1. Memories can make you smile, laugh and cry. They´re a powerful part of you. I´m really happy that your old photos and stuff are still in tact. I had all my photos, since I was a kid to college, ruined because my parents house recently had a termite attack. I cried for days. Photos are a great flashback and unlike today which photos come in digital form, the old photos can never be brought back.

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  3. That is really sad you lost your photos. I know it's too little too late but maybe if some other relatives have photos of you they can scan them into the computer so you will have a digital copy.

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