Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Sad Story

Household members: Two brothers, one wife, one daughter, one aunty

This story is a sad one. The parents of these two brothers both died young due to unforeseen circumstances. The father died when they were toddlers in a railway accident. The mother died of a brain hemorrhage a few years ago. They were left with a large house and a few caring aunties. One aunty moved into the house to help with household duties. Without their parents an education was no longer possible for the younger brother. Both brothers got jobs and they rented out parts of the house to two other families to keep up with bills and maintaining the house.

Shortly before the mother died the oldest brother had gotten married and his wife was pregnant. When the mother passed away it was assumed the wife would take care of the house once she had recovered from delivery. She was not expected to assume the full chores immediately but she would need to help with the duties as soon as possible and then build up to running the house by herself. After giving birth to a baby girl, she refused to take part in any household activities. The aunty who had moved in suspected the woman was not of good character and followed her into the market one day. As it turns out, the woman was having an affair with another man.

The aunty warned the woman that she knew what she had been up to and that she wasn't telling the older brother this time but that it better not happen again. The wifes response? She ran away with the man and took the baby. He must not have wanted the baby because she came back a short time later. She still refused to take part in any household activities, cleaning or ceremonies or entertaining guests, etc. The aunty took care of everything.

The aunty began deteriorating in health and the woman was begged by both brothers to help out. They had a maid but a maid doesn't do all of the cleaning or take care of all the particulars of a household like the woman of the house should. Fate did not smile down on this household and while cleaning one day the aunty fell and injured herself. Unconcerned with anything going on in the household the wife (who was the only other one home) didn't bother to check on the aunty when hours had gone by and she hadn't seen her.

The aunt was found when the brothers came home from work later that evening and by then it was too late. She had been dead for hours and the wife claimed she had no idea of anything that had happened. Left with no choice the wife assumed some of the duties of the house but she stopped interacting with either of the brothers. Not long after the aunty passed away she again ran away with another man this time leaving the little girl behind.

A second aunty began helping the boys out, coming over to take care of things the maid did not do, letting the maid in, seeing to the morning activities and visitors. The wife came back one day and took the child. Now she's refusing to let the older brother have any contact with the child at all. He cries from the thought of not being able to see his daughter.

It's not pertinent to the story but this wife was afforded every luxury she wanted. If she asked for it, she got it. Gold, jewels, cell phones, and more.

What are your thoughts?
  • Should a woman bother getting married if she wants no part of any household responsibilities?
  • Are tougher child custody regulations needed to keep the children from becoming victims of situations like this?

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