Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Rocket's Red Glare

First and foremost..... myspace graphic comments
Graphics for 4th of July

....I hope you're having a wonderful 4th of July tonight.

I for one am feeling a much more profound sense of patriotism than ever before. My heart is swelling with the emotions of being here for this Independence day. Before leaving for India, the 4th of July had become kind of mundane for me. I rarely took vacations and there's nothing open, nothing to do, etc. I haven't seen a good fireworks display in years. I'm not talking about a lot of fireworks because I saw that in India. I'm talking about a truly good show. The last memorable fireworks show I saw on the 4th of July was in 2002 or 2003. I watched them on the beach and the city was floating a barge in the Gulf of Mexico and shot the fireworks off from there. It was spectacular. They really planned the show well.

This year I'm sitting at my mother's church and watching our local fireworks show. I've never seen the fireworks in this town. I'm not sure how big of a show it will be and I'm not super excited for it but I am happy about the 4th holiday.

I'm also reminded that fireworks in the US are not nearly as loud or obnoxious as those in India. Some of the Indian fireworks noise is increased by the concrete jungle we live in. The sound echos and is magnified because concrete doesn't absorb sound. I won't miss the hurting ears or wearing earplugs, that's for sure lol. Of course, there's also no one for me to have a sparkler fight with. We didn't even buy fireworks.

It does feel good to be home. Somewhere familiar. Somewhere I can be at peace amidst all the chaos of life. I hope you're feeling the same sense of peace this Independence Day. Enjoy America if you are here. Take in all it has to offer and live free. Freedom is one of the best gifts we have ever been given. True freedom. Not all democratic nations understand what that is. Freedom is definitely different in the US than in other nations.

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