Saturday, July 7, 2012

Reaquanting Myself with Both My Familes

Since I've been back in the states I've become much more appreciative of all I have in my life. Not just in the US, but in India as well. As much as people may get on my nerves sometimes I have two sets of parents that are mine.

Hubby told me the neighbors have been talking - because that's what aunties and uncles do in India. MIL went off on someone the other day. It's like this. There is a little old lady in our neighborhood who has not relatives left and thus spends her days going house to house talking. So she basically spreads everyone's business. Now, the family didn't tell her I left but I guess a neighbor saw us leaving with suitcases at 4 AM. So this little old lady has come to my MIL telling stories about how "white women" come to India, marry young men then leave and never come back.

The only place I've ever heard that story ridiculous line is from my husband (as he tells me the aunties say it, it's not something he came up with). So after the little old lady made her rounds and told MIL this, apparently one of the neighbors said something to her. Well, as sweet as MIL may seem, you don't want to piss her off. MIL went off on the woman asking her 'what business is it of hers whether I come back or not and why is she running around the neighborhood talking this nonsense.' MIL let her have it and reminded this woman that our family business is none of her concern.

Lol, maybe MIL didn't like this woman or something I don't know. I know I've seen MIL teach Chachi a lesson or two as well.

Things have not been much different here in the states. I can't say my parents are a lot different than before I left but they have been better toward me this trip. My mother has stood behind me in ways she never did before. My step-father has gotten grouchier but is holding back his normal argumentative nature on my behalf. It hasn't been that difficult because the foster kids are giving him a lot to fuss at them for. My dad has been a little nicer to me as well. Do I expect all this to last, probably not lol. But it's nice to enjoy this while it lasts.

I've been a lot stronger too. That part really feels good to me because I am much more ready to face the various challenges I have ahead of me. There's an old saying - What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. I think that's very fitting for me. I believed for a while that if I didn't get out of India it would kill me. I just didn't have the immunities to survive there. And now I know my time there definitely made me stronger.

I consider myself very fortunate. I have 5 loving parents and an amazing and supportive husband. It was just hard to see when I was going through my struggles. I still have a few struggles left but I know I have family in two countries to support me.

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