Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lost Without My Hubby - Tips for Survival?

Any girl knows how hard it is to find a truly good man. Not only do you have to find a good man, but you have to find one that compliments you and makes life good. You need someone who can put up with you at your worst, treasure you at your best and who always comes home to you and only you. This is not easy to find.

Hubby and I have had our moments, I won't even try to hide that lol. Especially not since learning how mean I can be when I'm sick. Poor thing, I'm quite sure I gave him hell more than a few times. Of course, one of the things I love so much about him is how he doesn't let me get away with it. He tells me when I'm wrong, we have a good debate/discussion and we work it out as a couple. I think I've truly met my match.

But where does that leave me now? Desperate, destitute, lost and lonely without him. *sad face* I miss my hunny bunny. It's amazing just how close you can get to someone and how much they become a part of your life when you're not paying attention. We spent so much time together that I no longer fully know how to be without him. That says a lot because before India I was almost completely alone all the time.

I had my own place to live, my own car, coworkers and friends. I worked 3 jobs and didn't have much of a social life. I didn't want one. I liked my life the way it was, probably because I didn't know any different. I've been a loner from the time I was little. The first time I ran away from home I was only 19 months old. Granted, I only went to my grandmother's home next door (about a city block away) but still...I left without telling anyone or saying good-bye. It was the first in a long line of trips that led my grandfather to build me my own personal apparatus so that I could reach their doorknob and let myself in.

I was the ringleader in high school, entrepreneurial in my early 20's and still very much a loner in my early 30's. It only took 1 year in India to erase all of that? Okay not entirely. Obviously I'm not laying around pining about how I'm going to survive but I do feel genuinely lost without hubby. I miss curling up and watching movies, talking about the craziest things ever, picking on each other and fussing about what the family is doing now.

I'm finding it much harder to finalize decisions on my own. I don't do anything without thinking about him, his advice he's given me and how my decision may affect us. This is strange new territory for me.

Any of you lived without your husband/wife after marriage? Even for a short time? How did you make it through? What are some tips you have for a lovestruck and lost young woman?? Help! Lol.


  1. We lived apart for almost 1.5 years and it's very hard; I understand how you feel at the moment.What really helps is having daily communication, send each other some gifts by surprise, focus on your job/hobbies, meet friends/family, etc.I've always been a loner myself but I think having around people who loves you gives you a boost and helps you go through the situation.

  2. As I am still only new to this long distance relationship thing I don't really have many ideas yet, however I am still going to try and keep little things going (such as baking treats for him)! Next week I am going to bake him a batch of ANZAC cookies (his favourite) just before the post office close of day, will airtight pack them, and express post over to him guaranteed next day delivery :) 

  3. I'm glad to have you here! I have some awesome ideas for you since you like baking. You can bake cakes inside a glass mason jar (available at Wal-Mart) and mail them. Almost any cake will work. Google "cake in a jar" and you'll find tons of recipes for them. I only had a minute to comment but I will be back to finish this very soon. Right now I've gotta go out.

  4. Just got home. I also wanted to tell you that you can pack cookies into a Pringles can and that protects them so they won't break during shipping. Another cute idea is packing a box with fun stuff and then putting in a helium filled balloon so when he opens the package the balloon rises out of it and floats in the air (this is only good if shipping to the same country). There's so many cute ideas. Try googling for "care package ideas" and tons of really fun things comes up.

  5. I love gifts!! I'm waiting on one to come in any day now. It's taking sooooo long it seems. Working does take up a lot of my time so I don't get frustrated thinking about missing him. My family and traveling also keep me busy. I'm thankful for those things. Thanks for your comment!

  6. I have been living away from my husband for a year now due to school. We live an hour's flight from each other but it's still tough. I've found that skyping or talking on the phone at least once a day helps with staying connected...even if it's only for 10 minutes. I just think of how he's been in the US for 9 years and still have a good relationship with his parents who live in India. We will be living apart for another nine months and then I will go back home! Another thing is to indulge in things that you used to do before marriage but don't do so much anymore. Like I love love to read but stopped reading when I got married. So lately I have been reading like mad. I guess the key is to act as though you two are not living completely separate lives but to share inane things about your day (like what's for dinner/what you did all day). Anyways I wish you the best!

  7. These are some great tips. Thanks for sharing. I really like the idea of getting back into old hobbies. I think that would take up the extra time on your hands.