Saturday, July 21, 2012

3 Things I Did Not Miss While I Was in India

Yes, I've done my fair share of complaining about Amritsar. There was a lot there that was very difficult for me to deal with. I haven't changed my stance on any of that nor do I deny some things there drove me nuts. But, now that I'm back I've been reminded of some things about the US that I did not miss while I was in India. I didn't realize it then because I wasn't around them but now I do.

1. Dead Skunks  - eww! I did smell death a lot in Amritsar. Death from street dogs dying and from funerals. But none of those death smells even comes close to how bad a dead skunk smells. To make it worse, this years seems to be a really bad year for skunks along the east coast. One trip I was driving on there were 5 dead skunks on the same road. It was torture. I did learn a new trick though. If you're driving and you pass a dead skunk and the smell comes into the car, light a match. The sulfur smell takes about 3 seconds to neutralize the horrific smell of dead skunk. Granted sulfur is not a great smell but it's a million times better than dead skunk!

2. Cigarette smoke. I've been told plenty of people smoke in India. I just have to take peoples word for it. In my neighborhood there was only one person who smoked. I don't even remember seeing anyone smoking and I don't remember smelling cigarette smoke at all. So coming back to a town where (I'm guessing) about 50% of the people smoke was difficult. I'm not used to the smell and perfume does not make it better. I

3. Sugar in the green beans. I've known for years that buffets put sugar in the green beans. They do it as a preservative. Before leaving for India it was barely noticeable to me. Not now. It's kinda gross. I have not interest in tasting sugar in my green beans so I've stopped eating them in restaurants now. Well, except Chinese restaurants because their green beans are prepared differently and they don't use sugar. But for southern style or typical boiled green beans, I don't eat them outside of the house now. I simply don't like the sugar taste. It's overpowering now. I find a lot of foods too sweet for my liking. (I didn't eat sugar much in India, I'm not a sugar fan to begin with.) === Jaowrites, I would love to hear your thoughts on American restaurants adding sugar to the foods.

I'm sure there's a lot more that I could add to this list. Or maybe I'll need a new list as I'm reminded of them along my journey here. What are some things you found you didn't miss upon returning to your home country?


  1. One thing I do not miss about Switzerland in India is the junk mail, I used to have a sticker on my mailbox to prevent it, but DH's corporate appartment didn't and day in day out I would find the mailbox stuffed with these promotional leaflets! What a waste of paper!
    Another thing I indeed didn't miss was the cigarette smoke, but in the time I was ther ein 2008 they enforced a ban of smoking in public place, so it got better toward the end of my stay.

  2. Luckily I'm not getting any junk mail but you're right, it's annoying. I remember getting too much junk. All those dead trees just so some company can send out flyers that no one wants. It's a shame.