Sunday, July 15, 2012

2 Months Out of India

It's been almost 2 full months since I left my home in India. I remember being ready to leave and desperately needing a break. The whole trip started out with a lot of turmoil and there have been some significant events in my life in the last 2 months (which I do intend to write about more in-depth soon). So how does that leave me feeling now?

Well, when I first got to the states I was thankful to be home. It felt so good to get off the plane in my home country. I was happy, excited and relieved all at the same time - despite all the flight delays. I got to see my family, shop in the stores I loved, eat all the foods I had been missing and see friends I had missed.

I started looking around to see what all had changed. There was new construction, new roads being built, old houses torn down, new houses erected and all the usual changes one could expect. There were new stores opened and a few favorites closed. The price of some groceries had gone up considerably (not the soda that draws me to it every time I go to the store though lol). Gas prices were only slightly higher than when I left.

I delighted in experiencing storms, lightening and rain. I love those and they are very rare in Amritsar. Sure, we had rain and a distant thuderstorm here and there but nowhere near as often as here, nor were they as pronounced as they are here. I just love rainy, stormy weather.  I also realized just how much more beautiful the sky is here than in Amritsar on a daily basis. Here's the sky I now get to see on a daily basis.

See how clear and blue the sky is? I never saw a sky like that in Amritsar. I think the sky over Uttar Pradesh came close but still was not quite the same. In the evening here we get to see orange, yellow, purple and red in the sky from the sun reflecting off the clouds and it's quite a beautiful sight. I missed that too.

I also felt like in the beginning I didn't want to go back to India. I still don't. There was too much struggle there with my health. But I can see India from a different view now. I'm finally free of the stress that kept me from appreciating some of the things I should have appreciated all along. I was blinded by anger and culture shock. There are truly some things that are better in India. Like butter naan. (Sorry...I'm a food lover and my mind naturally goes to food first if you haven't figured that out already lol.)

I have some posts coming up in the near future talking about the things in India that I appreciate. For now, I am doing quite well being back here. I just need to readjust to a few of the differences in life between the two countries.


  1. I will be reading with interest about what you decide to do next and how you go about it! You have taken an opportunity most people never get (or have the courage or desire to take!) to learn about yourself, your priorities and limits. Whatever you do, there is no wrong answer so long as you are absolutely, 100% true to yourself! Cheers!

  2. Nice post Kristy !

  3. Ronda ClassifiedJuly 15, 2012 at 4:30 AM

    I love your honesty and openness you have on your blog, like all scientists you are able to view things objectively....even when they are affecting you. It takes a special kind of person to recognize when things are skewed by emotions. I am looking forward to reading about some of the things you are now realizing you appreciate about India. We really are very lucky in this country (I live in the USA)... we have so many cultures and since people tend to carry their "best" with them when they relocate...we have gotten to taste the best foods, see the best fashions, hear the best music. experience the best (and most fun) religious celebrations..and on and on. You are blessed that you have been able to see the "real" India...we readers are blessed that you share it with us.

  4. Brings me back to when I went back to Switzerland for 2.5 months in 2008, after 5 years being away. Granted that I lived most of the time in Zurich with my hubby rather than in Geneva my home town, but the change was so noticeable everywhere, I actually felt like a tourist in my homeland at time. My first shock was that in the 5 years that I had gone they changed a lot of routes on the public transport network in Geneva, and changed the ticket machines too so I felt stupid trying to figure them out being a born and bred Genevan!
    Then one of the silly little thing that puzzled me was why suddenly at one point in the 5 years I was gone did most big tea brands decided to shift to plastic made pyramidal teabags instead of the good old paper square ones? I know it probably sounds stupid but that just unsetteled me a little, and then there was suddenly seeing Starbucks in my country! not that I have anything against fancy coffees really, but seeing the things my american friends talked about in blogs and on facebook just had me scratch my head "Did I land in the right country? Is it really Switzerland?"
    And there was the realisation that I stood out, not only did my homeland change, so did I, I love wearing colors, even more so now that I live in India, and my people are more neutral hue wearers: Beige, hunter's green, black, grey white...maybe a dahs of red and purple in winter, and here I was happy to wear bright tank tops, bejewelled flip flops, chuncky beaded cheap jewellery and the thing that had a few smile in my family: my lilac and yellow reebok shoes! And there were so many other things as well.

  5. Thanks! I look forward to writing about it. I've always loved writing, it's like therapy for me. It really helps me put life in perspective and focus.

  6. Thanks Cathy! And thanks for liking my page on FB.

  7. Thank you! Your comments really made my day!

    We are fortunate here. I didn't appreciate this about America until I left it but our diversity here is phenomenal. I will never regret my time in India but I missed the exposure to so many other cultures.

  8. I'm sure that was quite an adventure. I've found I'm completely comfortable wearing salwar kameez here regardless of the stares whereas before leaving I was always a little nervous in them. A few things about me have changed and a lot about the city. It's not unrecognizable and most of the changes are for the better (I left in a terrible economy and now things are starting to get better in my hometown). It's fascinating to see some things and others I'm not sure I want to adjust to lol.