Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Freezing Busy Troublesome Week

So, I had post scheduled up until the 2nd for while I knew I would be busy. Then I turned out to be even busier than I imagined and didn't get back to write anymore. im starting to think i flew back into some kind of hurricsne lifestyle with all that has gone on since my arrival.

So now I'm playing catch up lol. So let's see. In the past week I have been on 4 more flights, traveled across the country and met some very interesting people. (That means I've been either flying or waiting at airports for 6 out of 13 days now.) I'm absolutely loving my trip. But, in keeping with my point of this blog and sharing everything, I'm going to tell you all the good and bad stuff. It's very possible if you ever find yourself moving countries like I did, you will experience these same things and if you know about them now, it will be easier to manage when it happens to you.

I've been absolutely freezing since I got back her. My mother doesn't run her AC that cold but it's always on. I've been wearing long pants, jackets and socks almost every single day. The temperature has been in the mid-90's F during the day and around the mid 70's at night. I've been hiding under covers, wearing thicker pajamas and anything else I can do to keep warm. This is not how I was before leaving. I was always the one telling them turn the AC down so the house would be colder lol. I liked the mid 70's and it's where I felt most comfortable before India.

Right now it's 14 C and I'm wearing sweatpants, a hoodie and socks. I'm sitting inside the house and I'm still cold. Brrrr!
Also, before I forget. The foster sisters are doing well physically. Mentally they're still recovering. They are dealing with it, but not in really good ways. The girl hurt the worse is scared of riding in cars and the one driving is running around like a crazy teenager who has no one to answer to and acting as if there could never be any penalty for her.

I've eaten all kinds of food without any issues. I have noticed that when I get up from my nice warm bed in the morning to a cold house I feel nasueaus just like I did in India during the cold months. I never had this problem before moving to India and had no idea this existed before India lol. Now it's happening to me here.

I've noticed a lot of changes to my cities including construction, business closures and openings and empty houses. I remember a lot of directions for how to get where I want to go but I've forgotten things like which flower I'm smelling now. I did recognize the smell of chestnut trees but I can't tell what flower I was smelling on the drive home today. So my memory is not that good.

All the foods that I wanted to taste have been familiar but not nearly as exciting as I imagined they would be. I love tasting them, but they're not new and exotic at all and I think somewhere in the back of my mind I expected them to be delectible. Instead, they're just good and they make me feel comfortable. I'll settle for that.

I've had some great experiences since I've been here. I feel like I'm discovering a new country, but it's familiar to me at the same time. It's been exciting and challenging and many other things. This post is starting to ramble though, I'm still super tired and I'm having trouble catching up on my sleep. Everything keeps running through my mind and it keeps me up at night and prevents me from going back to sleep when I wake up in the mornings. Jetlag has caught up with me and I have more flights coming next week. Aye carumbua!


  1. I got the same issue with climate when I went back home in 2008, it was May and granted that the weather was unusually cold, it was feeling freezing cold to me because years of living in India completely changed my thermostat LOL
    I arrived wearing jeans, a t-shirt and hoodie sweater jacket, that should have been enough because that's what I was wearing during the monsoon in Bangalore, but there I was feezing silly in Zurich in these clothes! There used to be a time before Idnia where I would call 15 degree celsius temperate but fine, now it is a winter temperature for me, one I actually like, but yest it has me wearing sweat pants, long sleeve t-shirts and a hoddie on top inside my flat in India

  2. I also have the problem now of constantly feeling cold! Even my mom noticed and commented that "my blood must be thinner now" lol