Sunday, July 8, 2012

The American Diet Rears its Ugly Head

I've been good I swear.....and if you believe that I've got some ocean front property in Arizona (or some oceanfront property in Amritsar) I can sell comes cheap lol.

I've had very little difficulty with food since I got home. The biggest challenge so far has been indigestion except for some strange allergic reaction that affected me and 2 other ppl when we ate at this new Chinese buffet place. I'm not counting that because they had it too.

Anyway, hubby was just fussing at me the other day...well, not really fussing but he was doing the lecture uncle thing...about how "Hindu's don't eat pigs and cows." Okay fine. I've been eating country ham every chance I got home and he had me on that one. I can't help it. That was one of my favorite foods ever since I was just a little girl. Country ham biscuits! The real country ham, not the Texas version lol. Virginia is famous for its country ham and supplies most of the US with them. They are super salty and have this texture you can't find anywhere else. So he was right to get after me. I will say though, I tried to argue that only Hindu's in the North of India care lol. He wasn't buying it. Back me up South Indians, please!

I hadn't had beef at that time though. I was quite apprehensive to try it after so long. I didn't eat beef before I left. I haven't even liked beef since I was a kid and finally stopped eating it altogether in about 2006ish. I did have a burger before going to India but only because I thought it would be my last. It wasn't good then, beef just isn't good (IMO) ever. I've yet to find a way I liked it.

But then I got stuck at a church social the other day and literally every food had beef in it and I was hungry. So I got small spoonful of one dish and then ate pretzels and chips till I was full. That beef wasn't good either but didn't seem to have any adverse effects on my tummy. So I got a little more adventurous. I had spaghetti with ground beef. Bad idea. I made the spaghetti so I know what was in it and um, yeah...let's just say I won't divulge the details but it didn't like me any more than I liked it.

Mental note. If you don't like beef anyway, it's not special or "American" to eat it after a long time away from the states. It won't get any better, it won't be appealing and it still won't taste any better than you remember no matter how much you want it to. Lol. Back to no beef for me. But how the hell do I give up my country ham??? That may kill me! Lol, okay fine. Not really.


  1. hey kristy , im married to a south indian and from what i have gotten to know even the hindus(even the brahmins) from his state eat beef are not ashamed of it...ive even had some bengali hindu friends for whom no function was complete without d meat...

  2. I've noticed that people I know in the south eat all kinds of meat. In the north it's not as common. You can barely find any meat other than chicken or mutton there so far. At least not in Amritsar. I noticed a few places had bacon but other than that it was only chicken or lamb/goat.

    It's weird though because they have the same concept of including meat at almost all functions. I don't remember ever seeing beef on any menu (though I wasn't looking because I don't really like beef lol). I just wish we could find turkey and such there too. I heard they were just starting to have turkey available in the larger cities of Punjab. I have one friend down south who talks all the time about eating duck and sausage. I was so jealous lol.

  3. Hindus can eat Pork! its only banned for muslims. But yes, eating beef and pork is individual choice. Ohh I love country ham, briskets, pork chop, roast beef, bacon and even Canadian bacon!

  4. If only I could get hubby to believe that. Lol. I still eat it. I can't help it. You're right, country ham is one of those meats you just can't stop eating. There's no other taste like it.

  5.  Hindu do eat pork, but it's not something common because a ot of the meat shops are owned by muslims and they don't sell it, so there are less dishes involving pork in India. In the South you will find pork on the menu in some pubs though, and Goa has the famous pork vindaloo, but this is a mainly Christian State so the cuisine is meat hevy there.
    In Bangalore we used to love going with Friends to a restaurant called Koshy's that served home style continental fare and their breakfast bacon was on our table every brunch we went there :-)

  6. There are very few restaurants open for breakfast in Amritsar lol. Most don't get up and out of bed that early. We went out so many times looking for breakfast and never could find anything but the little street shops or the dhaba's. Eww. I missed breakfast more than most meals lol.

  7. i am a hindu from kerala, i do eat pork,beef and a lot of other meat,but not cow,beef in india means buffalo not cow

  8. Thanks for your comment. I noticed that buffalo is used in place of cow for a lot of things. It's sometimes hard for a westerner to keep up.