Saturday, June 2, 2012

2 Uses for a Dupatta You Might Not Think About

So while I was traveling I remembered a couple of uses for a dupatta most of us would not need everyday and therefor might not think about. I've used these before - before I was posting all the time. A dupatta is by far the most versatile piece of a salwar kameez set. I rediscovered these uses while traveling through the airport.

First off was for my carry on. I picked one that didn't have wheels because I was going to be on two flights that require the smallest bags. If you don't have a small enough bag, they take it and put it somewhere else on the plane and it can't travel with you. Which defeats the purpose of a carry on. So I had a smaller one I could carry on one shoulder. Unfortunately, after the second day of traveling, it got to be tiring and I had a bruise on my shoulder from my thumb being squished while I walked through the airport countless times. So this is what I did.

I tucked the dupatta under the handles on the bag for extra padding. It was quite effective. Don't you just love how the bathroom looks in that mirror lol? It's another mirror on the other side obviously, I just think it turned out kind of neat.

My second rediscovered use is covering that inch-wide gap there always seems to be between the door and the frame for bathroom stalls. I hate that. It bugs me to walk into a bathroom and be able to see into the stalls as it is. But knowing that someone else could also see me is more than I want to deal with. So this is how I rid myself of that problem.

I simply hang my purse on the hook, then drape my dupatta over top of it and spread out whichever side is needed to cover the gap. Now, it doesn't cover the entire gap but it covers the parts where my body can be seen. It also has the added benefit of keeping any thieves from reaching over the door and stealing my purse. I'm not sure if that's still an issue but I've heard of it happening before. Better safe than sorry.

I guess if you want to add on another bonus, this also keeps your dupatta from touching anything truly nasty in a public bathroom. It's not touching the door or door handle so there's no real concern there either. I would say you can't really go wrong with this trick.


  1. I have so many uses for dupattas :) I like sleeping propped up, and the indian train pillows just suck at that, so one of their bedsheet goes folded under the pillow, and the dupatta goes folded on top of the bedsheet to give my pillow a bit more body.
    I also used the sholder pad technique too.

  2. Sort of off topic but I love the color of your dupatta! 

  3. I love the color too. I could sure use more ideas as far as the uses for a dupatta I spent my whole time in India just trying not to get all tangled in it. I must say though I thought you were going to say you used your dupatta as the carry on. I suppose if it were folded and tied the right way it could make a handy bag in a pinch.

  4. Sort of off topic but I love the color of your dupatta!