Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's A Girl Gotta Do to Get Some Rest Around Here?

Lol. I've been home 3  days now and I had yet to sit down. So last night I vowed I wasn't getting off my dad's couch today. I had work due today and I needed to just relax. I'm still very tired, despite sleeping good. The day's only half over but I've already gotten my work done, caught up on email and blog comments and been watching TV. But while I was sitting here doing all of that I realized some things that I thought I would share. After all, I do try to detail even the small things someone else who goes through these kind of moves (cross culture) might experience.

The bed I'm sleeping in is super soft even by US standards. My niece picked it and when you get into it you sink at least 2 inches into the mattress. This is not a good thing. Not for me lol. I was not comfortable on the harder Indian style foam mattresses but this is way too soft. I think my body needs it right now but I would definitely prefer a firmer mattress.

Then there's my dads couches. He too likes super soft furniture so when I sit down, I sink into it. This isn't that bad but seems to bend my lumbar spine area into a curve that I'm not so sure I enjoy. I've also been reminded how short my legs are in comparison to American seating. Theres several inches between my body and the seat backing on this couch as well as at the restaurants we've eaten at. Of course, I think I commented favorably a few times about being taller than most of the women in our area of Amritsar. It was nice to feel tall and now I remember why lol.

I would also like to say that a 63-inch LCD is huge. I am only 62-inche tall so it's just wrong that I'm also now shorter than my dad's main TV. I also don't need the two TV's he has set up in my room. I'm wondering why anyone would lol. The man clearly needs something more to do with his time than sit on sinking couches and watch TV. Eh, I guess if it makes him happy who am I to say anything.

So now that I've gotten all that stuff done and I'm clearly bored I think I'm going to get him to take me out to dinner. The excitement of knowing there's tons of good food out there that doesn't make me sick is more than I can withstand. So many choices. I'm not limited in any way and I've yet to make it to my favorite salad bar. I need a gigantic salad with 3 kinds of lettuce and pumpernickle croutons! Okay, that's it, I'm going to go play cute and get taken out to dinner.

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