Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trying New Things - Yoga

I've been doing pretty good remaining stress free -much to hubby's dismay lol. He's a high stress type of person and there's a lot of times he goes from normal to stressed out wreck in less than a second. He and I both have some big issues facing us about our future and in order to keep my stress to a minimum I've refused to discuss some of them. Primarily the things we don't even need to discuss for 6 more months. I am tackling more imminent issues first - the short term ones.

In a moment of weakness a couple of weeks ago I turned to my trusted confidant and cross-cultural coach, Jennifer Kumar, for ideas. The stress was getting to me and reminding myself not to stress out and talking myself down wasn't working that day. She gave me several good suggestions including doing yoga out on the terrace. That was the one I chose to do and it's the subject of this post.

I've collected a series of yoga videos (free from iTunes) for over a year before coming here and I had yet to actually watch a single one. I wanted to try it but in my US life I was too busy for too long. After coming here I almost forgot about them even though I'm still downloading more and more. I now have over 200 videos! What a waste right? Plus it's always fun to try something new and yoga is associated mostly with India. I'm stuck here, I might as well try it.

So I got everything set up on my laptop and I purchased a purple yoga mat - because purple is the only color that will do lol. It sat in my room for over a week and I lounged in the bed and browsed through some of the videos looking for a place to start. I searched for various terms, including thyroid because I know there's yoga specific for that, but I couldn't find where I wanted to begin. Finally I made up my mind to just start with video 1. I had to hunt for it! It was backed up on an old hard drive. I've since reformatted my laptop and it's no longer available for download (at least not to me) so I was glad I found it.

It took me another couple of days to get into the routine of waking up early (I've been having sleep issues) but finally one morning I was up at 4 and by 5 had decided that day was going to be day 1. I was too lazy to get out of bed and having already previewed the video I figured I didn't really have to. Not to mention I hadn't experienced it yet and wasn't sure it was worth dragging all my stuff up to the upper terrace for (because I don't like to be watched while I exercise and it's very private up there). Yoga 1; Yoga mat 0. I got all set up, moved my pillows out of the way and got started. I learned a few things I would now like to share with you.
  • Most importantly, yoga is not hard. 
  • Yoga should not be done in a bed. 
  • You will break a sweat regardless of how easy the moves seem.
  • You do feel the resistance and the work out, even though - once again - the moves are not hard.
  • Yoga pants have a special waist design FOR A REASON. - aka...ditch the elastic waist
I enjoyed this first episode of yoga. I did feel a difference in my body. I was more energized after completing it. Even going down to shower afterward, I felt different. I'm not sure how to describe it but I felt more life-like. As opposed to going through the motions or just being a chair monkey previously. There really is way too much sitting going on in this house.

As with everything in my life I found out as well that my yoga is also mixed. It's strange how I always gravitate toward mixed up stuff but I swear I had no idea this yoga was mixed. I downloaded it because it was free and for no other reason. So as I'm playing the first episode without a clue as to what kind of yoga it was, I was informed it's Hathi yoga but the instructor had added in some Kundalini moves. She indicated she does this often to incorporate all the best moves. I think I'm going to fit right in with this. The next hardest decision was figuring out whether I should move on to video 2 next time or stick with video 1.

Here's the yoga series I'm doing. This woman is very easy on the anti-exercise crowd and gives you many tips for how to make the exercise work for you. I've not seen the same level of helpfulness in any other exercise video I've done....which has been quite a few.


  1. Yay on finding a workout you like doing, I used to take hatha yoga classes in Geneva, but not in India, I've been occasionally doing some videos with DH and remember a few asanas I like doing.
    These days my mornings are jam packed and by the time I have everybody out of the home I'm too pooped out to do anything especially in this heat. I recently found a books / DVD about pilates I liked doing until it became so incredibly hot, it feels a bit like doing yoga with breathing exercises and gentle movments that do not put a strain on my joints. I really need to get back on my mat...whcih is also purple :)

  2. Nice to see you doing something that makes you feel good Kristy ! I could sure use something to do the same for me . Gets hard to stay positive when life is so uncertain . Hubby rented yoga videos for me but took them back when the time was up without me even looking at them . Maybe I will get a purple mat and try again .

  3. Purple mats rule! There is no better color lol. Maybe you can get Ishi to do some yoga with you. It could be both relaxing and bonding.

  4. I think the purple mat will help. After all, purple is the color of royalty in biblical times so it has to be good right? Try the free videos on iTunes. It won't cost you anything and they don't have to be returned.

  5. Yeah I tried that, but she prefers climbing on me while I'm doing it...not very relaxing :)