Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So Close!

Two days to go and everyone has come to say their good-bye's. Aunty Old School (because I just found that was what I was calling her in my early blogging days) was coming with her family and bringing other family members as well. They told us last night they had been planning it all along. Then of course this morning they decided no to come.

I spent my day watching movies and doing work. I made chicken tacos, which I found the stuff for at HyperCity a couple weeks back. I think that's a good last night here kind of meal.I had missed tacos, though they weren't something I had frequently in the states.

I got all of my last minute stuff done, like printing out lists of everything in my suitcases just in case something gets lost.I got the rest of my belongings moved into my cabinet, things I had missed before. It's all now safely locked up and I have no reason to go back in there. I let hubby know the cabinet would be locked and he expressed concern over not having the keys. So instead of taking them with me I hid them somewhere I know they won't be found. As much as people search my stuff, I know for a fact they won't look where I put them.

I also had to pick out my outfits to wear both on the train and for lunch with with the gori's when I get off of the plane. I'm too excited about that! What a great way to land back home and spend my layover time - out with friends!!

Though he doesn't know it yet, I left love notes just about everywhere for hubby to find while I'm gone. I left them in his shirt pockets, pants pockets and in places around the room he's sure to check. I'm hoping his helps ease some of his missing me. I even left them on multi-colored post it notes.

My excitement is building quickly and I have this odd sense of peace. I'm a little sad about leaving, despite everything I've been through. I'm really going to miss my husband. It doesn't matter what we've argued about, how angry I've been, how sick I've been. I came here for him and I never once regretted that. There's a lot of emotions to process for going on this trip. I'll get roughly 2 days of travel all to myself. No family, no in-laws, no disruptions. I'll be out of touch with the world for the majority of that trip. I plan to use the time to think and just process some of my emotions and issues from the last year.

After my arrival in the states I'm going to write a post about my feelings in the beginning of being here and my feelings right before leaving. A lot changed in my 16 months here. Part of it was culture shock, part was the honeymoon phase wearing off and part was learning the true nature of the people around me - both in and out of this house.

As most of you are aware, I found a lot of things I didn't like. I am the first to admit I believed the lie that Indian families are so much more loving than western families. I'm not the only one that was misled this way, it happens to many pardesi's. But I can tell you from living here and communicating with many other pardesi's that it is NOT true. I don't just speak for myself. I speak for many other women in situations similar to mine. I have a post planned on this topic as well.

Whatever your own personal thoughts and feelings are on the matter, it can't be denied that each family is an individual unit and there are good and bad families all over the world. India is not exempt from that. Their way of bonding as a family is different that other cultures, not better all around. It may better for some people in some circumstances, but you can't believe the blanket statement that they are all better or that this different way of doing things will work for everyone and be loved by all.

I have a lot of blog posts ideas ready for this summer. I won't disclose the topics here that I haven't already written but I promise you they'll be interesting and useful. Many are collaborative projects between myself and other pardesi's and a few I'm collaborating with desi's on. I have plenty of topics scheduled for my trip so you guys won't even know I'm gone.

Here's to my big plans and a fun summer!


  1. Happy Journey Kristy... Looking forward to more American stories now :D 

  2. cristina canas delgadoMay 23, 2012 at 12:34 AM

    Hi Kristy!.I hope you have a lovely trip.I've not been checking blogs lately as I've been quite busy.Are you going for a holiday or you are moving back to the US?.Safe journey!.

  3. Have a safe trip, and  enjoy every minutes of your stay in US, recharge your batteries and have fun, can't wait to read your blog posts about US

  4. Have a WONDERFUL Well deserved time Kristy!! Looking forward to keeping up with your time there!!

  5. I'm only visiting for a couple of months.

  6. Thank you! I'm definitely going to live each day to the fullest.