Monday, May 7, 2012

Pictures from North India - Unique Sightings

I've taken thousands upon thousands of pictures since I've been here. I have pictures of almost everything I've seen. I even take pictures of all the businesses and restaurants I've been to so I have pictures of places that have disappeared over the past couple of years. Some of the things I've seen have been quite fascinating and I thought I would share some of them here. Hope you enjoy them.

These are cows chained up in a front yard in Bhatepur. This person is likely the milk supplier for the small community surrounding him/her since there was more than one cow. Cows like this are considered a lifeline for many less fortunate families in remote areas.

This temple/mosque(?) fascinates me. We were somewhere between Vrindavan and Mathura when I spotted it. We were in too much of a hurry to stop and let me go look at it but I intend to visit there again - if I can find it. It was in a remote area between the two cities.

This is a camel chained to a post at the Taj Mahal. We chain dogs like this in the US so it was quite unique for me to see a camel like this. The camels are used to pull carriage carts from the parking area to the monument.

I took this at a dhaba in Rishikesh. I'm not sure what this man is representing but he drew quite a crowd. He is unique indeed!

This was taken driving into Rishikesh. I like elephants so this was a fascinating sign to see. It was one of the first pictures I showed my family as you will never see anything like this in the US.

Signs written in 4 different languages. This is common in Delhi. From top to bottom the languages are Hindi, English, Punjabi and an Arabic script (sorry, I'm not well versed in Arabic languages so can't pinpoint which one).

This was taken in Amritsar near the Cantonment and those are pigs. I often see pigs on this very corner, grazing.

These are obviously just a few of the things I've seen here that intrigued me. Sights I would never see back home. What are some things you've seen that fascinate you?


  1. Nice pictures, I tend to forget to snap some when I am out, even with a camera phone that makes it easier to do so :)

    The Arabic sricpt on the sign is Urudu language :)

  2. four languages might seem like overkill, but it is a low cost way to make everyone happy ... that is why they print the currency denomination in 15 languages. 

    smart move, i would say.

  3. Yes, any time you see Arabic script in India it s usually Urdu.
    One of the things I loved when we lived in Delhi was getting up at sunrise to see animals being brought into the city. Elephants and white horses decorated for weddings. Herds of pigs and goats for slaughter. Camels and bullock cart. Amazing to see the variety of large animals in such an urban environment.

  4. It would be great to see some of the pictures you could take. I know your experience here has been different than mine and you've surely seen a lot of things.

  5. I like seeing all the languages. I think it's very fascinating how so many cultures can blend this way. It makes for a very interesting conversation when you're a foreigner and you show all your friends too lol.

  6. I be those were interesting sights to see!

  7. The one thing I wish I'd had a camera to take a picture of was something I saw while stuck in traffic outside my building. I worked in Gurgaon, which was rapidly expanding at the time. I looked up at my big, shiny glass-walled, clean, blue building, and then at the people walking in front of it. Among all the business-suited men with laptop bags was a small family - the father with turban on his head, the mother in a ghagra and heavy bangles, and the baby wearing nothing at all and playing with a twig full of red berries. It was a perfect juxtaposition of the different Indias within India :) 

  8. Great One - 

  9. That's probably a Mughal tomb, or maybe a shrine, not a temple or mosque. Delhi is full of these type of Mughal ruins

  10. That would have been quite fascinating to see.

  11. Interesting. Maybe that's why it didn't seem like anyone was around it.