Monday, May 21, 2012

Hell Hath No Fury Like That of a Woman Scorned

I now have 3 days left to go in this house. Things were tense at best for the last week or so. First from my own emotions and then the shunning.

I brought up the kitchen issue every single day. And for anyone who thinks it was unjustified let me explain something to you. Chachi has 2 kitchens, 3 bedrooms and all 3 storage areas to herself. All for storing her junk, and I mean junk. There's electronic items that haven't been used in at least the 16 months since I've been here. There's kids bike that neither kid has used in 3 or 4 years. All the kids old school books and papers are stuffed in boxes, etc. It's junk. In addition to all that, she has one (upper) terrace just for herself and has pitched fits over anyone trying to get an inch of space there. She uses the second (lower) terrace almost exclusively but doesn't want anyone using her terrace. On the lower terrace she takes over all the available line space for drying clothes. She stores her plants and the kids toys, etc. there. So it's complete bullshit she  can't clear off a set of shelves in the kitchen to let me use it for a couple of months when I come back.

Shunning is actually harder than it sounds. So hat's off to Chachi for being able to achieve a full 4 months of it against me earlier this year. Or maybe it's just me because I'm not normally this childish or bitchy. Anyway, avoiding going into the kitchen or other parts of the house when they're using them and turning your head away from people is more work than one might think. Thankfully I didn't have to go at it for too long.

MIL got upset over the laundry. By day 4 she was coming into my room and asking for it. I didn't give it to her so she started going through things looking for it. Obviously that didn't sit well. So to end all this I put her on the spot. I went down into her room one morning with hubby and told him to ask her if it made sense that I couldn't use the kitchen for a few months. She couldn't turn me down then. In addition to getting the kitchen back I'm also now getting a new gold ring. I told hubbyI didn't want it but he insisted that it's gold and "gold is gold" so I should take it.

So though this was a ridiculous fight, I can now go back to planning a peaceful departure. Still no one has said whether or not Uncle and Chachi are going to accompany me to the airport. I won't be heartbroken if they don't but Chachi is now on some charade to be nice to me right before I go. I'm still not bringing her gifts back. She can smile at me all she wants, it's not going to happen.

I'm also getting a lock for my door. We had one but the door doesn't shut right or the locking mechanism isn't installed right or something because we can't actually lock up our room. Apparently MIL has had a change of heart about searching through my stuff and has decided not to do it while I'm gone. Still, I've moved all of my stuff to one section of the wardrobe/wall unit (I don't know what to call this massive thing) and I will be locking that up and taking the keys with me. I can't see any reason anyone would need to get in there this summer without me here so that seems reasonable.

Now that I'm again at peace, I feel kind of lethargic. I put up a pic on my Facebook wall but I think it should be shared here as well. This is what I feel like right now.

Because I'm barely getting crap done. I still haven't finished packing. I have most of it done and I've rearranged my suitcase twice now but I keep forgetting things and remembering stuff I want to take. Work is going super slow. On a good note though, I've been catching up with all my girls on FaceBook. We're working on a project together. Lots of big things in the future - one being an all new and improved Gori Guide (which btw we're always accepting new submissions if you want your blog included to help other women like us).

I've almost used up all of my food and I've cleaned most of my stuff out of the kitchen (part of the shunning process). I've given a bunch of stuff to the maid and I'm packing up more to give her. I've gotten all my photo CD's burned and charged up my electronics. I have a book for the flight home (Teach Yourself Punjab lol). I have my outfit picked out and packed in my carry on so that I can meet a few new gori's when I get off the plane. We're going to tear through New York like any good tourist would.

I've purchased and printed off all my e-tickets, car rentals and hotel reservations for the summer. I've got all my paperwork ready for everything else. I'm thinking there's not much else to do but work but I just can't seem to make myself do it right now. It will get done, just much slower than usual. What normally takes me half a day has been taking all day.

Hubby's not doing so well either. He's getting sad about this trip. I'm really going to miss him. Everything with him this year has been great. We've done so much together. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage not having him to drag along. I think he's secretly going to enjoy the break for the first few days. After all, I have been dragging him everywhere this last couple weeks and I have 3 more days to keep dragging him places. He'll miss me though. I don't doubt that.


  1.  Still, I've moved all of my stuff to one section of the wardrobe/wall unit (I don't know what to call this massive thing) 
    It's an almirah! :)

  2. Chachi wants the kitchen and all that space for her own daughter in law when her son brings a bride home. Possession is 9/10ths of the law, is the popular saying.  This is how people work property and family inheritance in India.  Courts and the law work so slowly in India, that just BEING THERE means you and your progeny own that space for all practical purposes.

    You could get rent a place for about 10-18 K in most places in Amritsar. Perhaps not fancy or more than 2 rooms, but at least separate. You have said that writing has been quite profitable for you this year.

  3. True. I could easily rent a place but Rohit won't go with me. He thinks it will upset his parents too much. Thankfully when I go back I won't be there long.